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4ps of marketing assignment help


The field of marketing is an extremely vast discipline which incorporates in itself a number of sub-disciplines and sub-topics. One of the very important sub-topics of marketing is the 4Ps of marketing which is taught in almost all the marketing colleges and universities. The 4ps marketing mix is an essential part of the entire marketing. It basically describes the four different protocols to be followed while marketing. Students often get puzzled up with the assignments and homework topics assigned to them while their course of study due to various reasons. This is the reason why, most of the students look for 4ps of marketing homework help which is provided by a number of online help providing websites, but the most reliable is the NeedAssignmentHelp.

 What are the 4ps of marketing?


The concept of the 4ps of marketing is an essential one in the field of study of marketing. With that said it is important to state and explain the well-known 4ps of marketing. Below stated are the 4ps of marketing mix: -

  1. Product – a product is generally referred to as the services or the products that are provided to the customers. The main purpose of providing the products to the customers is to fulfil the requirements of the customers. The basic element or the starting point of any business is the product and hence, is extremely essential in business as well as the marketing and hence, it is referred to as the first out of the 4ps of marketing.
  2. Price – the second one out of the 4ps of marketing is the price. It is the amount that is set for a particular good or the service. The amount is paid by the customer in return of the product that is provided to them.
  3. Promotion – the third P of the marketing mix 4ps talks about the promotions. This part basically consists of making the customers aware of the products, prices and the offers associated with them. Promotions are aided by the sales, public relations, advertising, online marketing etc.
  4. Place – the final p here, describes the place where the particular product or the services are distributed or sold to the customers. This is one of the most crucial p out of the 4ps of marketing.

History of Marketing mix 4ps


The first time that the concept of the 4ps marketing mix came into the picture of marketing and management was in the year of 1964 through the means of an article which was published with a title “The concept of the marketing mix." Article was written by an American scholar and Professor named Neil H. Borden, who is known to coin the term “marketing mix." Firstly, he described the various attributes of marketing, namely planning, pricing, branding, packaging, display, advertising etc. Following this, the terminologies mentioned in the article were grouped into four different groups of the plan, price, promotion and place by E. Jerome McCarthy, who is yet another America professor having specialization in the field of marketing. Hence, the concept of marketing mix 4ps isn’t very novel and has been studied by a number of students from almost half a century now.

Detailed marketing mix 4Ps

  1. Plan

    The first out of the 4ps of marketing is the plan. Whenever the marketers are need of development of a satisfactory product for the customer, answering following sets of questions can help them out to a great extent.

    • What is the name of the concerned product?
    • What is the procedure by which the customer will use it?/li>
    • What are the requirements of the customer from the product or the service?
  2. Price

    The second one out of the 4ps of marketing is the price. While setting up the amount of a particular good or a service, the process becomes easy when the marketers try to answer the following questions.

    • What are the investments made by you in the product?
    • Is it possible to increase the sales by slightly decreasing the price of the product?
    • What price does the customer expect for that particular product?
  1. Promotion

    The third one out of the 4ps of marketing is the promotion. While promoting and marketing a certain product of a particular set price, certain questions must be considered and answered.

    • What is the suitable time to launch the product in the market?
    • What are some of the promotional strategies used by your competitors?
    • What are the various ways through which you can make your product reach your buyers?
  2. Place

    The final one out of the 4 Ps of marketing is the place. It corresponds to the place of availability of the product and deciding that can be easy when you answer the following questions.

    • What are the ways to access the different distribution channels?
    • Would you require some kind of online store for the purpose of selling of product?
    • What are the most commonly used kinds of stores by the customers?

Marketing strategy and plan


The purpose of having a particular market strategy is to enhance the sales of a given product on which the current working and planning are going on. The entire process revolves around getting a better and sustainable advantage. The process of marketing strategy includes in itself basically short, long as well as the basic term activities for the purpose of better marketing. A basic marketing plan consists of a business plan in the form of a document which contains the description of the current position of the company with the strategies that it used for that particular period of time. A marketing plan is generally created with a time period of 1 to 5 years, there might be exceptions though.

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Some of the key features of the marketing mix 4ps


The 4ps of marketing mix possess a number of key features, some of which are mentioned in the below section: -

  1. The 4ps marketing mix is composed of independent variables, these variables are generally four in number and they are interdependent on each other.
  2. The concept of the 4ps of marketing is an extremely flexible concept and the focus may be increased or may be decreased on any of the given variables.
  3. It is mandatory to keep and maintain a constant monitoring on variable trends as well as the requirements of the company and the product. This is important in order to ensure that the elements that are contained within the mix of marketing are relevant.
  4. A very crucial feature of the marketing mix 4p is keeping the customer as the focal point of all the strategies and plans.

 Problems faced by Students


Marketing is a very vivid subject and students find a number of problems with it. When you are into a subject as vast and vivid as the marketing, it is quite likely that you feel trapped within the assessments, homework, assignments, etc. Hence, at one or the other point, you will require 4ps of marketing assignment help. The curriculum of the students today is structured in such a way that focuses more on the research work and this is the reason why the 4ps of marketing homework help provided by NeedAssignmentHelp is well researched.

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