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7 Ways to Nourish Student Teacher Relationship

Building a student-teacher relationship could be the most difficult aspect of a classroom for some students and teachers. Do you think twice before asking a query from your teacher? Are you nervous about getting bad grades because of your classroom behavior? If the answers to all these questions is a ‘yes’, you should actually focus on clearing the air.

It is not always a student’s negative attitude that ruin a student-teacher relation but often teachers tend to make mistakes. Do you often give your students a hard time? Or you make comments on their personal life? You should consider stopping it.

Let us Help you Build a Positive Relationship

  • Say ‘Hello’ to  Feedback Forms

Student Assignment Feedback Forms

Have a feedback form exchange in every 15 days for both the students and teachers. It will help in maintaining the basis of relation for both of you.

In the feedback form, you can also include semi personalized questions about preferences and interests which would help you both to regulate a healthy and friendly link between each other.

  • Define Boundaries

Best Friends of The Opposite Gender

Both of you should decide on the boundaries and respect it for each other. This basically includes the way you speak to one another or how you’ll address each other. Boundaries will assist you in maintaining respect and it will always minimize confusions.

  • Talk and Walk

Talk The Walk Meaning

Talk to the students and vice versa, both of you don’t get a lot of time to communicate and exchange dialogues so take a walk together and discuss stuff. At times small talk can save you from a lot of problems.

This way you as a student or teacher can show your efforts for making or building a good and positive relation with your student or a student with his teacher.

  • Exchange ‘Smiles’

Exchange Smiles Meaning

Exchanging smiles doesn’t mean you quirk at your student or student quirks at his teacher. But be positive inside about each other and let it show on your face as well this would always help in keeping the aura around you very light.

  • Create a Comfort Zone

Outside The Comfort Zone

It is very important for both of you to be able to speak your minds and actually not pretend as this would help the student be able to ask any queries from you and you could easily get what the students want to say to you.

  • Trade Messages or Check Notes

Check Notes Assignment Help

If you don’t have the time to talk you can always leave a message. This sounds a little old school but this really works as this shortens the communication gap between both student and the teacher.

It should be easy to reach each other otherwise you’ll never be able to fix the muddles, the whole basis of a relation between a student and a teacher is based on trading thoughts.

  • Evaluation

Evaluation Assignment

Every student should get to talk to his teacher on a personal level once in 45 days. This would help both the student and teacher to understand one another and also work situations out related to the teaching method of the teacher or understanding issues of the student.

Teachers hold the highest regard for students after their parents. All cultures and religions support and ask students to learn from their teachers and the learning should not be barricaded to only academic but otherwise as well. Teachers help the student in personality development and teachers also play a paramount role in the upbringing of the child. Therefore, it is important to build a positive relation so as to impact a student’s personal and academic growth empathetically.

Posted on July 23, 2016 by NAH
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