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Benefits of MS Excel in Project Management | Assignment Help

Project managers need to manage a whole lot of data and keep track of a number of activities. This task is made relatively easy for project managers by computers. There is numerous software available in the market that can help project managers make their tasks much lighter however such software can be very high priced and may not be easily accessible. In this case what can be done? Well, we can go back to our very own Microsoft excel as it is an excellent tool for documentation.

Benefits of MS Project Management

Microsoft Excel can Help Project Managers in the Following Ways:

  •  Project managers can use excel worksheets for date math as well as maintaining a number of lists.
  •  Project managers can create tracking lists in order to keep track of the different aspects involved in the project.
  •  With the help of Microsoft Excel project managers can easily convert the available data into graphical representations such as graphs, charts, pie charts, progress graphs, etc.
  •  Microsoft Excel also helps project managers to keep track of time. They can keep track of the time spent on important tasks as well as the time required to complete a particular task.
  •  Excel can also help you filter your data and look for specific aspects from a wide range of data.
  •  Microsoft excel can also help managers use mathematical procedures to store data or making calculations regarding particular data.
  •  It helps project managers organize their data and work.
  •  It also helps in giving an overview of the project and the status of the project pertaining to the progress of tasks involved in the completion of the project.

Microsoft Excel

Project management with the help of technology or electronic project management is a powerful way of managing projects efficiently in the 21st century that requires high levels of competencies from project managers. The efficient use of technology can make your management process a whole lot easier as well as help you in working smart and increase your productivity. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that can be used to make managerial tasks more organized and a number of tasks can be carried out on one sheet. Using these software managers can not only help themselves but can also help his/her team and help them perform better by keeping a track of team performance as well as individual performance.

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Posted on June 15, 2015 by NAH
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