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Corporate Finance – In Depth Analysis of Objectives and Advantages

Corporate Finance Meaning

Corporate finance can be defined as the amalgamation of financial aspects of an organization like budgeting, investment, banking or monetary operations, etc. This particular process is contemplated to enhance the profit and value for the shareholders through the composite of momentary and long-run planning of finance.

The approximation and plan next to the corporate finance are to provide an optimum value of money and finance to the shareholders. This asks the management to competently administer all facets and conditions of finance. Be it capital funding, allocation, budgeting, spending, investing, managing cash, expenses, or supervising gain and loss, it is the fundamental duty of the management to make sure that investors and shareholders annex the maximum reward on their investments in the articulation of dividends and shares.

The true nature of finance changes from one organization to another relying on the specialized segment but the objective and aim remain unchanged. Take a look at few fields of operations of capital budgeting:

  • Structure of Capital – This defines the potential of an organization to pick the accurate sources of basic funding for an organization or firm. The capital structure may include equity, credit, or an amalgamation of both. Recognition of the accurate combination contributes to the enhancement of the company’s value.
  • Investments and Estimation – The value of each proposal that a company initiates is generally estimated or calculated with the help of discounted cash flow which is also known as the DCF method of valuation. This valuation and estimation support to analysis if a proposal is going to be beneficial for the firm along with the investors. The inclusive valuation of the firm is measured and calculated too, the plans/approaches to expand are evaluated.
  • The Dividend Policy – The policy of dividend holds the set of guidelines that relate to the return or refund of dividends to the ultimate investors or shareholders.
  • Working Capital – Administering the working capital is a crucial task, it is important for the firm in ongoing operations. This particular segment requires a quality of time and effort for proper functioning.


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Importance and Scope of Corporate Finance

  • Decision Making: There are numerous decisions that need to be made on the ground of accessible resources related to the capital of the firm. The firm needs to analyze the consequences prior to initiating any new venture or project. The availability of financial resources, the aggregate time to contribute to that particular venture needs to be estimated in advance. The decisions should be made by keeping all the financial aspects in mind.
  • Research and Development: With a motive to sustain in the capricious market in the long run, an organization requires to explore and research the market and apprehend the requirements of the customers. The activities comprising the exploration and research of the market will surely demand monetary support.
  • Satisfying Long and Short Term Targets: Each firm and organization possess several goals be it short term or long term in order to sustain the edge competition in the market. Distribution of salaries, administering the assets, buying raw material, bank drafts, initiating the trade credits are included in the short term goals of an organization.
  • Diminishing Cost of Production: Cost of production can be minimized or diminish with corporate finance. With the growing cost of raw material and other labor-related costs, the management and executives provide creative ideas to curtail and minimize the cost of operation and production.
  • Mounting Capital:  At the time of investing in new proposals by a particular firm, it is very crucial to raise the capital. This can be initiated by trading debentures, bonds, taking loans, etc. These tasks can earn positive gains to the firm by appropriately utilizing corporate finance.
  • Optimum Utilization of Resources: There is the limited and scarce availability of resources in firms nowadays. But an efficient and wise utilization of these resources can harvest enormous profits and desired results. The appropriate management and application of corporate finance and resources will lead to multiple profits and achievements. It is purely essential to consume and exhaust the limited resources in a rational manner, sparing much for the utilization in future demands.
  • Productive Functioning: A transparent stream of corporate finance would lead businesses to operate in an effective manner. The remunerations of employee would be paid or compensated on the due date, the loans can be paid on time, the buying of essential raw material can be done at the most crucial time. The smooth flow of corporate finance helps in the wise functioning of an organization.
  • Expansion and Diversification: When a firm initiates or decides to enhance the functioning area, they must need to evaluate and calculate the expenses that will arise in the process of expansion and diversification. They must come up with the measure to tackle any determining costs or expenses in advance.
  • Meeting Contingencies: Carrying a business comprises of several unknown and wavering situations like perplexity or risk factor. These risks can be minimized by taking insurance support. But all the circumstances do not fall in the insured category that is why it is essential to safeguard the monetary terms to expand and use them in future transactions.


Corporate finance performs a very crucial role in the whole functioning, expansion, and growth of an organization or business. The finance consultants support business persons by rendering them helpful guidance and information to tackle the financial exercises in the market. The effective management of corporate finance is a very important aspect to ensure the profits and development of an organization.

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Posted on April 17, 2018 by NAH
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