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Being an educator myself makes me teach the prescribed syllabus over and over again. This makes my teaching skill monotonous and devoid of innovation. This has driven out all the pleasure I used to get while teaching. This has made me find ways to push my limits and keep the process of education as fresh as possible. This will keep my students glued and interested in what they are learning. I have thought of some methods to stretch myself as an educator and find means of growth as a teacher. All these self-improvement tactics are aimed to benefit those who want to extend their personality as an instructor.

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Why Be Smart When You Can Be Smarter – There is a need to train yourself in some new skill that you may not be comfortable at initially. In this way, you can learn something new and improved steadily. It can be anything from learning a new technological skill or any novel teaching tool. Learn modern technology with assignment writing to your benefit so you can use it while teaching.

Join Hands With Other Educators – You can come across like-minded teachers who are in the process of developing themselves. A social network site can bring you closer to such professionals so you can share experiences with them and involve them in your pursuit.

Set Small Achievable Goals – You must keep small targets for yourself and try to achieve them one at a time. It can be initiating a conversation related to the topic in the class or conducting a debate or discussion where children can pour their thoughts. In this way, you can come closer to your wards and develop a better understanding of them. Such a stepwise approach will keep teaching more engaging and challenging.

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Stretch But Do Not Surrender – There isn’t any need to rush to stretch yourself lest you break while doing so. Do not imbibe so much that it loses its practical implications. The pedagogical methodology must not come in the path of your teaching pattern and should assist you rather you surrendering before them.

Accept You Are Fab – With so much learning experience behind you shows that you have been a great educator. There is still a need to grow further to offer some more to your students and thus there is yearning to push your capacity to the maximum.

Get Appropriate Help – There should not be any hesitation is eliciting help from the person who is already aware of a skill you want to learn. The person can be from your institution or somewhere else but you must ask for help to learn something. This will add to your growing knowledge and make you a better learner.

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Give it Time – Whenever you embark on something new there are initial hiccups that can demoralize you. There is no point in giving up and returning to your dull teaching pattern. Instead, give it time to grow on you so once you have mastered it then there will be no looking back.

Posted on January 6, 2015 by NAH
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