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Independence Day: 4th July is a Big Day For Americans

Every year 4th July is observed as Independence Day in the USA. In 1776, representatives of 13 colonies fighting against Great Britain, took a resolution in favor of independence from Great Britain on this day. Since then, 4th July has been bearing a special significance for the Americans. This day is celebrated throughout the country with great eagerness. Citizens of the country including the children participate in different events, parades, family events, and displays.

4th July: A Brief History

Americans Independence Day History

The revolutionary war against Great Britain broke in April 1775. Initially, a few colonists declared war against the British oppressors, but with the passage of time more and more colonists joined the war. On 7th June 1776, the continental congress met at ‘The Independence House’ on Philadelphia. The delegate from Virginia, Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion whereby the colonies debated on the need for independence from the British rulers. On that day, no final announcement was made, but a committee of five members was formed for taking further action in favor of independence. On 2nd July, the continental congress voted in favor of independence unanimously. On 4th July 1776, congress officially adopted the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and since then this day is celebrated as Independence Day in the USA.

Celebration During Early Years

Right after Independence on 4th July 1776, the People of Philadelphia celebrated the day with enormous enthusiasm. People were on the roads, and revolutionaries celebrated with bonfires and firing of cannons. The congress was still occupied with war, George Washington announced some special gifts to the soldiers to celebrate the anniversary of Independence Day in 1778. Americans used to celebrate the day with parades, bonfires, concerts, and firing of cannons. Soon, the celebration spread in other places and cities like New York and Massachusetts. The observation was more common and spontaneous after 1812 when the war with Great Britain finally ended.

Congress held 4th July as a holiday in 1870, and from 1938 till now this day is officially a paid holiday for the Americans.

4th July Americans Independence Day

Celebration of Independence Day at Present Times

Independence Day is considered a patriotic day for the citizens of America. Many political figures, eminent writers and poets, and celebrities from other fields participate in public events and show their supports for the great heritage, tradition, and history of the country. It’s a day when families get together for outings, picnics, and barbecues. Many interesting outdoor activities like sporting events and eating competitions are also arranged by different public and private organizations.

As a whole, Independence Day is a big day for every American. No matter wherever they are, 4th July is celebrated by them with immense interests.

Posted on July 4, 2016 by NAH
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