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Influencer Marketing: Benefits and Role of Influencer

“Influencer marketing” is the latest buzz word trending nowadays. It can be described as the process of analyzing, exploring, intriguing, and shielding the people who build impactful communion with customers regarding the particular product, service or brand, etc. Influencer marketing endeavors potential to the brands in order to symphonize their marketing, transactions, product, digital commerce, and social media marketing with the help of strong and apt communication based on the accord.  The assessment of influence on the ultimate consumer is not a fresh or new concept in marketing. The influencers are definitely playing a relevant character in cracking online confusions and jumbles, designing appropriate customer sayings, etc. as the online customer conversations are accelerating widely.

Simply we can define influencer marketing as a combination of traditional and fresh tools of marketing, which also comprises the idea of endorsement of product or services with celebrity faces and making it an eye-catchy marketing crusade.

Role of an Influencer

The major delusion regarding the influencer is that they are only those who possess heavy followers on social networking sites, but this is highly wrong, this conception confuses influence with fame and recognition. It demands great art and behavior to influence others in order to change their point of view or thinking. In this way, an influencer can be defined as a personality that possesses the power to influence the conception of a large number of people or make them agree to do something. Influencers should possess an amalgamation of these aspects: reach, contextual credibility, and salesmanship. These three factors determine the value of an influencer.

  • Reach: This aspect comprises to cater to the message and information to people on a large scale. This can be apprehended by instances like gathering of people through a TV host or followers on social media etc.
  • Circumstantial Credibility: The bar of faith and assurance inclined by the audience established through influencer’s anticipated knowledge on a particular topic or concept. For example, a fitness model possesses high credibility in promoting health drinks and low credibility in politics.
  • Salesmanship: The correct and influential style of explaining certain things to the audience in a way that makes them ready to do something instantly. The ability to convince people in a positive manner is essential in an influencer.

How it Benefits The Marketer

  • Influencer marketing has the power to generate an accelerated return on investment (ROI). It helps marketers to earn an enormous profit.
  • It can influence the decision making of consumers in a positive way. The influencers have the capacity to turn the point of view of ultimate customers.
  • Most people use social media and influencer marketing cannot have a much broader platform to engage the audience.


Clearly, influencer marketing is the operation of advertising and promoting the services and products with the help of people who are known as influencers. Influencer marketing definitely trending nowadays but this is not at all a new term. This concept is running in the market for a long time now, the perspective of taking it maybe contrasting now and then. Actors, celebrities, political leaders, sports stars were the prime influencer in their specific segment and fields. Most of the brands like to join hands with them in order to promote their product or services. One of the main problems with the influencer marketing approach is that most of the users are unable to possess adequate followers to mark a high impact. Most of the users carry limited network and associates that promote all products and services. In this way, brands struggle to generate an impact on the audience. It is essential for a marketing influencer to perform an effective role in order to gain the confidence of the audience and boom the sale of a particular product or service.

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Posted on May 8, 2018 by NAH
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