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International Day of Cooperatives

What is International Day of Cooperatives?

An annually celebrated event in July on its First Saturday is observed for the famous co-operative movement, hence called as International Co-operative Day. It is a global Observance day instead of a public holiday. In the recent scenario when there is disparity rising steadily worldwide, this day is a good reminder for keeping hope that the solution does exist for the inequalities, only initiative and perception are lacking.

Symbol for International Day of Cooperatives

A symbol is related to the promotional and marketing content therefore, the aforementioned symbol comprises of the world map sans Antarctica, centered on the North Pole enclosing olive branches. Using the olive branch indicates peace in the world. The colors used in the symbol are white and blue. Both of these colors are used in the contrast form. When white is the background, blue is used in the forefront and vice-versa.

The symbol for promoting this day includes the color of the rainbow as they have an array of colors which is similar and it reminds of the phenomena itself. These colors are linked with ones that ICA along with other organization’s colors as well to highlight the cooperatives.

When and How This Event Started?

To celebrate this day, each year the cooperatives worldwide have the theme for the celebration making it more exciting and knowledgeable. International Co-operative Alliance has been celebrating this day since 1923. And on 16th December 1992, the United Nations General Assembly took the decision to celebrate this event on the first Saturday of July proclaiming it as International Day of Cooperatives. Since then, it is being celebrated enthusiastically worldwide.

Why This Event is Needed?

Fashionable celebrations make this event more susceptible for the participants to be aware of cooperatives as well as it helps in strengthening and extending partnerships between this movement and organizations backing up this program. This helps in reaffirming the roles and responsibilities of the cooperatives economically, socially, and culturally which leads to the achievement of objectives related to policies of society.

Role Played by Cooperatives are as Follows:

  • Celebrating this day not only creates awareness, but it also enhances opportunities for jobs, generation of income, and better livelihoods.
  • People and the centered enterprises partaking in achieving social goals, they help in the contribution of equality in society and justice.
  • Being the democratic institutions, members-only control and play the role of a leader in the communities locally and in society.

How it is Celebrated?

Around the world, it is celebrated in many ways. Among them, few are stated below. To enhance awareness, messages, and information obtained from the International Cooperative Alliance are distributed worldwide. Source of distribution can be the news, articles, radio programs, TV advertisements, Pamphlets, fairs, exhibits, contests, and campaigns related to this glorious day. Conference and meetings conducted with government officials, personals of United Nations agencies, and other participating and contributing partners. Tree planting is also the source of celebration as it helps in reducing the environmental challenges and gaining the awareness of the resident. Theatre events and concerts which are sponsored are also good examples of celebration.

Theme: Sustainable Societies Through Cooperation

Each year the theme for celebration changes for creating awareness in all aspects of life. In 2018, the selected theme is Sustainable Society. Indefinite continuance of the society which helps in balancing the consumption and resource is known as a sustainable society. Assurance to its residents regarding equality, freedom, and the healthy living standard is a must in this society. Since the last decades, themes of this event are setting powerful standards and helping in shedding the light on the current living standard of society.

Few Themes of the Past Years are as Follow:

2017: Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind

2016: Co-operatives: The power to act for a sustainable future

2015: Choose Co-operatives, choose equality

As we can see from the last three year’s theme, all of the above is very informative and the source of creating awareness worldwide. If you need more assistance with the International Day of Cooperatives, contact our experts at NeedAssignmentHelp.com. We are available 24*7 to provide assistance to you on any topic as we have experts in each field.

Posted on July 7, 2018 by NAH
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