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International Day of Democracy

15th September 2016 is observed as the “International Day Of Democracy every year. Presently, 193 nations, being the members of the UN, celebrate this day through different programs, discussions, and cultural events. The motto behind dedicating a day specially in celebrating for democracy is just letting everybody aware about the importance of democracy.

International Democracy Day

Background of International Day of Democracy

On 8th November 2007, the UN general assembly announced to observe “International day of democracy” on 15th September every year. Since then every year on 15th September the day is observed with great enthusiasm as the International day of democracy.

Background of International Day of Democracy

Theme of International Day of Democracy 2016

On 15th September 2015, all the member countries of the UN had adopted a target for 2030, whereby they have vowed to end extreme poverty and eradicate injustice from this world by 2030. This year too, all the member countries have decided to accept the same theme which will be merged with the target taken by the UNDP in the form of ‘Sustainable development goal 16’. It is expected that all the member countries will participate in a discussion on the theme which will be organized by the Inter-parliamentary Union on 15th September 2016 to celebrate International day of democracy as also review how the nations are adopting different developmental programs to come out from extreme poverty and other related issues.

Purpose of the Day

International Day of Democracy 2016

It is a huge target for the UN as a whole when the entire world is witnessing the rapid expansion of religious radicalism and extreme economic imbalance. Common people are suffering everywhere, but they have no idea that democracy has given them many fundamental rights and their governments have provided them many facilities to enjoy those fundamental rights. The purpose of the day is to aware people of their democratic rights and responsibilities.

Basis of Democracy

Basis of Democracy

The four primary aspects of democracy are as follows –

Elected Form of Government – In a democracy, the public elects a government. Participation in the election process is the fundamental right of every eligible citizen.

The Rule of Law – Democracy promotes the rule of law in a country. Legislatures can’t do anything by violating the laws. Common people are also bound to abide by the laws.

Respect of Human Rights – People are the most important subject in democracy. Rules and regulations are created to provide them with better living standards. The government is there to serve them, not vice versa.  

Freedom of Press – This is another important aspect of democracy. The press should be given to get news and convey the same to the common people. Since people elect a government in a democracy, they have the fundamental right to know everything and express their own opinions.

The International day of democracy is observed keeping these aspects in view.

How The Day is Observed?

positive quotes about democracy

The UN assembly has asked every parliamentarian, politicians, educators, top government officials, and other public figures to come forward and observe the day with the common people. Everyone needs to have basic knowledge of democracy. The purpose of democracy is lost if most of the citizens of a country have no idea regarding the rights and responsibilities. Discussions, seminars, and cultural events are arranged to commemorate the day. Posters and pamphlets are placed in public places and public buildings to aware common people on their democratic rights and responsibilities. Besides government and non-government organizations organize public events and general awareness programs to make the day an important one for every democracy-loving people.

Democracy is the ultimate form of government that can provide sustainable economic and social development to the citizens of a country. It is true that in spite of the democratic form of government, many citizens in many countries don’t have basic knowledge of their fundamental rights and responsibilities. The International day of democracy 2016 will be observed to let everybody know what democracy is and what are the fundamental rights and responsibilities of every citizen in a democratic country.

Posted on September 15, 2016 by NAH
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