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International Day to Remember Slave Trade and its Abolition 2018

The brutality faced by the transatlantic slave trade is remembered with the International Day to remember Slave Trade and its Abolition as on August 23. This date gives people all across the world to know about the slave trade and their different causes and different consequences.

The tragedy faced by enslaved women and men in the year of 1791 is nerve-wracking and to let people know about this history, August 23 is acknowledged as International Day to Remember Slave Trade and its Abolition. The entire insurrection was happening at the island of Domingo. They got their independence and had their original name back to Haiti. This astounding uprise exclusively sparked a revolution that conveyed regarding freedom with all time and space. The humanity across the whole world gets a message with this that they can become an unstoppable force together without any difference of religion and origin.


This exceptional change in history is presented to the people. It also makes them look towards today’s problems of racism today and asks them to fight against all odds to get rid of it. The transmission in the time of history literally shook the entire world and have given them a new hope of fighting for their human and civil rights. After 200 years also, the incident gives a shockwave and makes them how to become a change and rise against the issues of present-day human slavery and trafficking.

This day becomes a great opportunity for people from all around the world to learn and fight so that the coming generations can live with complete dignity and peace. It helps one to get inspire and take an action against such brutality so that one can live holding their head high. It gives people the knowledge to change and become a change so that the coming generation follows this approach without any second thought about it.

Getting Involved

To celebrate this day, the UN welcomes people from all around the world, comprising students, educators, and different types of artists. They are asked to organize uniquely themed events to give the knowledge of what happened in the year of 1791 and how can they change themselves with the consequences.

The educators from different parts of the world help people by informing them about the different aspects regarding the history which marked the celebration of this day. It’s important for people to know about the events related to the slave trade, and what were the consequences of it.

There are different types of promotional events and activities exclusively organized by the youth organizations and schools which gives them a brief idea on the history and cultural activities related to the event. With this, it will increase more awareness regarding the activities like slavery and the slave trade. The people must know about the causes and its exclusive consequences.

So, with International Day to remember Slave Trade and its Abolition, people get an idea about the modern slavery sufferings and how can they fight against it so that the coming era can live without any of its spots. It’s a great way to pay tribute to the ones who fought against it back in history.

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Posted on August 23, 2018 by NAH
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