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Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful?

The work assigned to any individual outside the four walls of their educational or professional institution is considered Homework or Home Assignment. Homework is mainly given to the students pursuing their educational careers. This home assignment can include presentations, thesis, hand-written assignments, dissertations, and much more. Sometimes it can become difficult for the students to achieve this target along with their ongoing educational pressure. Many theories state that giving home assignments to students improves their ability to understand, and helps them to score higher grades in their exams. But if we take a look on the other side, many authors and educators consider homework as an unnecessary burden on the students. For instance, a speaker, Alfie Kohn states that there might be a slight correlation between homework and improvement but there is no hard evidence proving it to be true.

While pursuing educational careers students not only have the learning work but also have their personal and social life. Most learners have to work while studying to gain practical knowledge and experience. Some learners encounter financial issues and they also work along with their studies. The pressure of homework and assignments puts a hurdle between their practical growth. In many educational training programs like nursing, hotel management, law, and others, having practical experience is mandatory. Students have to complete their assignments, learning, and practicals within the stipulated time. The challenge to achieve these goals creates stress and pressure on them. To relieve the homework stress there are numerous online assignment help services.

Many teachers and scholars consider home assignments as a way for the growth of the learners. According to them, homework enhances a scholar’s time management ability, thinking skills, and knowledge. Some experts believe homework delivers clearness to all the matters discussed in the classroom. This is one of the factors that has increased the home assignment culture in every educational field. But how the thing that creates too much stress and pressure upon the learners be considered advantageous? Is it the right step for the development of students who already have to maintain their financial issues, learning, and practical understanding along with their social life? Can students manage such an amount of assignments and homework all by themselves?

Although for some tutors homework is just another phase that learners need to go through while pursuing their studies. Let’s take a look at the challenges that scholars have to confront when they are loaded with homework or assignments during their educational period. The points mentioned below take a closer look at the challenges faced by students when they are anticipated to do their learning as well as their home assignment within a limited time.

Problematic Issues Faced By Learners Due To Homework

  • Time-consuming process: Preparing a well-researched assignment or dissertation is not a child’s play that can be accomplished within minutes. It takes weeks or months to conclude the whole thing as it demands relevant sources, proper reading, and suitable references that students need to do by themselves without taking aid from any of their colleagues, friends, or professors. Giving the sole responsibility to students to do these chores while making time for their studies and practical knowledge and within the restricted time seems quite tough. 
  • Lack of Sources:  Scholars must have reliable citations, and sources while making their assignments, or presentations. Most of the time the information provided in the books or on the internet is not enough for the paper. It needs guidance or assistance from an experienced individual. The students must cover every aspect of the given topic and even clarify the little details in their assignments. Having fewer sources makes it very difficult for them. This sometimes leads to negative markings in their results that do not look good on their educational degrees. 
  • No time for social and personal life: The tons of syllabus of different subjects with the compulsion of practical experience already makes it difficult for the students to socialize or have a good personal time. And now with the homework and assignment tasks that little time is also compromised. The burden of assignments completely puts a restraint on the social life of the learners. The scholars must have some personal time to keep their minds fresh but the long list of time-consuming homework makes it impossible.
  • Developing Health Issues: Achieving the highest marks, and receiving the best student award in their career is a dream of every learner. But the steps for accomplishing this title are not easy to climb. Due to the pressure of acquiring good grades students already face anxiety and stress problems. The burden of having home assignments makes them tense. Most of the time students face the problems of depression, insomnia, weight loss, headaches, and other mental health problems. It creates a lot of trouble in their overall performance. These issues sometimes develop major health problems that can cost students a fortune.
  • No physical activities: Everyone must do some physical activities whether it is a child, a teenager, or an old person. To keep their minds fresh and be bodily active students should have some time to do some meditation or exercise. It helps them to relieve stress and pressure. But when the students are given so much workload, it becomes impossible for them to do bodily activities. It makes them lethargic and procrastinators. This inactivity leads to a downfall in their grades.


We see students sitting idly in front of computer screens to complete their assignments and still fail to find reliable sources and guidance. The pressure of homework severely affects the mental problems of the students more than it benefits them. The stress caused by home assignments often leads to negative markings in the final result. To get homework help and accurate guidance, students seek the aid of various experts online. NAH provides the best services and support to the students. Our writers deliver top-notch and 100% plagiarism-free assignments at reasonable prices. We have the best support from Ph.D. experts who deliver precise content within the specified time. Learners can avail of our assignment help services through Whatsapp or mail at an additional discount of up to 5%.

Posted on May 12, 2022 by NAH
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