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Is Homework Necessary?

Most of us dread the last few minutes of a class when a teacher uses the word homework. Homework is a word that has been haunting children from years however homework is not such a big problem if accepted with a positive attitude. Homework is an integral part of student life and is a necessity as it has numerous advantages. Homework helps children to keep in touch with concepts learned in the classroom through practice and practice is essential for effective learning. It also helps students to assess themselves in order to understand if they have understood a particular concept or still need some help.

Homework encourages self-learning and challenging homework tasks helps to build on a child’s curiosity encouraging them to carry out a little bit of research. It also encourages students to read and gather information through various resources such as libraries, magazines, internet websites, and other reference materials. Homework is also helpful for a teacher as he/she can ensure that a child is up to date with classwork as well as a gauge if a child has understood a particular concept.

Is Homework Necessary?

Homework should not be considered as a stressful activity as this can curb a child’s interest for a particular subject instead homework must be designed in such a way that a child enjoys doing it. Homework helps in developing favorable study habits in a child which helps him throughout life. It also teaches us the importance of time management. As we can see homework is necessary and must be given to children on a regular basis however it must be designed in such a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for a child to do. It must not overburden a child as this leads to stress and anxiety that manifests itself in negative attitudes towards homework and learning on the whole.

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Posted on June 21, 2015 by NAH
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