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Leadership and Management in Nursing: A Beginner’s Guide

In any service profession, effective management will enhance the quality of services delivered and brings a better reputation to the organization. This holds good for the nursing profession too. However, there are some intricacies involved in the nursing management and leadership style keeping in mind that nursing is a profession that involves humanity and service to fellow humans at a deeper level.

Experts at assignment help Australia share their thoughts and tips for aspirants who are keen on climbing the career ladder in nursing and want to prove themselves as a successful manager with eminent leadership skills in the nursing profession.

How Management is Different in the Nursing Profession?

Nurses should possess many variant levels of emotions. On one side they should be empathetic to patients and their friends and family, while on the other side they should remain very strong in not being fretted out with the intensity of the patient’s condition and offer them the appropriate treatment with a quick and sharp mind. Thus, a nursing manager should be able to perform management such that all the aspects of the nursing profession are met without losing the essence of nursing and its values.

Management in nursing, is thus, a delicate job that reflects the set of comprehensive skills that a person should display beside the subject expertise in nursing. Need guidance on any subject and assignment of nursing? Taking Nursing Assignment Help will boost your subject knowledge and assure peace of mind in completing your assignments within your timelines.

Essential Skills for a Nursing Manager

Are you interested in nursing management? Congrats. You are at the right place that guides you in the right direction. Here is a list of essential skills that you should develop to shape yourself into an effective nursing manager.


A nursing manager should be able to coordinate all the departments that come under nursing. This would include checking for shifts, allotting duties, arranging backups in case of ad-hoc absence of nurses or to attend critical cases, reporting to higher management, and making sure that services offered to patients are at the best.


Nurses often undergo intense stress owing to their hectic shifts, bearing sole responsibility for patient care, answering family and friends of patients. Besides, if patients need emotional and mental support, nurses bear additional strain too.  Nursing has limited career growth prospects and this creates a lack of motivation for nurses. An effective nursing manager should be able to inspire and motivate nurses to look at the positive side of the profession and bring the best out of them.

Create a Happy Workplace

Workplace politics are common to any profession and nursing is also no exception. However, such politics should not hamper the spirit of nurses nor should they affect the care offered to patients or the reputation that the hospital has. A nursing manager should be able to tackle such politics in such a way that services go on smoothly and the patients are ultimately happy and cared for.

Excellent Communication

As a part of their daily job, nursing managers need to communicate with higher management and to their subordinates too. They should know where and what to talk and how to deliver the message effectively. Besides, managers should also talk patiently and friendly with patients and their caregivers and clarify their doubts and soothingly answer them.

Attention to Detail

The reputation of a hospital is linked to many factors – timely delivery of services, maintenance of hygiene in the hospital, adherence to standards and guidelines of medical boards, etc. Training of new joiners, updating the skills of existing nurses through workshops, seminars, etc. also are equally important. Ultimately, a nursing manager is responsible for handling all these tasks with effectiveness and in a result-oriented way. In cases of confusion, taking the guidance of experts in nursing management would help in a great way.

Responsible and Approachable

Nursing managers are answerable for results or deviations in medical care offered to a patient. They should ensure that a patient receives guaranteed care as per the hospital’s standards without any negligence. Besides, nursing is such a profession that needs 24×7 approachability. In cases of any emergencies, critical situations or ad-hoc requirements, a nursing manager should be approachable all the time on call and in person.

Subject Matter Expertise

A nursing manager should be equally sound in subject knowledge as they are at management skills. They should be able to offer suggestions and guidance to fellow nurses who are in confusion or seeking advice in emergency conditions or cases where quick decisions need to be taken. They should regularly update their subject skills and stay in constant touch with the latest developments in the field to make sure that they are not outdated in their profession.

Research and Publications

Research papers and publications are proof of expertise that one has in the respective field. The same holds true for a nursing manager too. By focusing on improvisations in the existing procedures and coming up with innovative solutions for pressing problems that nurses face or nursing procedures include, they can prove their expertise as a nursing manager. They can also show their subject skills by giving guest lectures or speaking at seminars etc.

If you are a budding nurse aspiring to become a nursing manager, taking the help of assignment help Australia to clarifying all your doubts about nursing management would be a wise decision towards a brighter career! Get in touch with our expert team today.

Posted on October 17, 2019 by NAH
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