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Let’s Celebrate The International Youth Day 2018 With A Reason

12th August is celebrated as International Youth Day every year. But it is surprising to see the percentage of youth don’t even know about it or doesn’t even have any idea what led to this day! Well, if you are one of them, tap yourself on the back as you are in the best place right now! This article will certainly give you brief conception of International Youth Day.

There is no stopping to the legal and cultural traumas faced by the youth of today. According to The United Nations, ones who are in aging between 15 and 24 years are defined to be the youth. But, when locally, it is acknowledged to be pretty flexible. The culture which they follow is certainly quite unique but many are hit by it on regular basis. So, to raise awareness regarding the issues faced by the youth of the modern day world, International Youth Day is celebrated.

Let’s Take You to The PAST

In the year of 1995, The United Nations General Assembly accepted the World Programme of Action for Youth. You might be thinking why? The intention behind this adoption was to advance to the future which is better and brighter for the youth of tomorrow. This is was initiated with the policies and guidelines which supported the fact of the betterment of the youth.

What is The Act About?

Well, as stated above the act of Action for Youth exclusively makes it easy for the youth to live with complete freedom and support. The respective programme exclusively deals with 15 different segments associated with the youth and few of them are:

  • Environment and drug abuse
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty and hunger

This entire set-up gave birth to the International Youth Day in the year of 1999. It was declared by the UN authorities and since it is celebrated each and every year.

The Impact of International Youth Day

The declaration has eventually opened a lot of doors of opportunities for the youth. From the date of its inception, the amount of sectors which have become available for the youth of today is ruling the roof. The standard allows them to participate in it actively so that they can prepare well for their needs.

In the year 2009, the 15 segments covered in the programme were expanded by the UN Economic and Social Council. The respective priority areas for youth were made even broader by creating different objectives, targets, and goals which will exclusively help to track the progress work. Tracking this progress will certainly check the areas which needs to be worked upon and where the youths are facing difficulty. This will certainly make things much more clear. This expansion is literally the main reason which is served by the theme of.

International Youth Day

So, hopefully, now you might have a better know-how International Youth Day celebrated is every year. Every year, the theme is celebrated by working on the issues faced or to be faced by the youth of today and tomorrow.

Posted on August 12, 2018 by NAH
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