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Let’s Do Something Good With Our Planet – Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and let’s take an oath to do something good with our planet. On this day, let’s decide how to live it on and how to save Earth from pollution. Every year, billions of people take a step to save Earth by one or the other means. Some decide to do plantation, some decide not to throw garbage in the water and much more on the list.
We celebrate Our Earth Day on the 22nd Day of April every year. On this vary day, we all try to be environmental towards our planet. The government also take wider steps on this day so that people should understand the importance of being green.

Earth Day


Recently, the government opted for odd-even numerology in vehicles. It is giving a positive effect on the people living in the capital. The pollution rate and the traffic percentage have been reduced on the roads so much that people enjoy following the rule. Not only this, but many schools also do the plantation ceremony and aware of the young generation that making our environment clean is the best thing.

Earth Day is celebrated all across the Earth. The first Earth Day was held on 22 April 1970 in America. This day was founded by former US Senator Gaylord Nelson.

There are Some Simple Ways Through Which Everyone Can Collaborate On Earth day.

  • Grow your own food (or buy locally-grown produce)- Start growing some food in your house. You can grow plants, veggies, or fruit plants near your house. It will not only give you oxygen but fresh air too. Greenery in your locality will also increase.
  • Try to move towards paperless bills. The Internet is the best source these days. So, it’s better to move towards e-bill instead of the paper bill.

Earth Day 2016

  • Try not to use plastic bags. Plastic bags cause a lot of pollution when it is burnt. Use jute bags or paper bags. These bags are very much environment-friendly.
  • Try to aware of people living in slums not to put garbage in the rivers. It causes massive water pollution and ultimately affects the health of the people living nearby.

By following these tiny steps, one can do a lot of favor to our planet. We are doing our bit. Are you?

Posted on April 22, 2016 by NAH
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