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What is the Role of Nutrition for Proper Healthcare?

Why is Nutrition Necessary?

Nutrition plays a very crucial role in our daily life because it can influence our health and safety. Our food choices every day can affect our health in many ways and this is why it is necessary to maintain good nutrition in the body. The nutrients in the body can make a lot of difference whether you are working, sleeping, exercising, or simply watching TV because it prevents the body from different kinds of diseases. There are various kinds of nutrients which include carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, and water which provide a complete balance to our body and health and make our immune system strong to keep us protected from chronic diseases.

Chronic Diseases Which can be Caused Due to Lack of Nutrition

There are various chronic diseases which are the results of poor nutritional habits and diets of a person. These diseases are as below:

Diabetes: This disease occurs when the body does not create a sufficient amount of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases found in patients who are obese and overweight and is mainly caused due to lack of nutrition such as carbohydrates and fat. Apart from that, lack of exercise and physical activity along with a high-calorie diet can also cause type 2 diabetes and this is why people should avoid these.

Cardiovascular Disease: Numerous cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, heart muscle disease, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary embolism are caused due to a lack of protein, fiber, and minerals which are present in fruits and vegetables, dairy products and fish. Healthcare facilities increase the amount of these nutrients to the patients suffering from cardiovascular disease in the form of pharmacotherapy.

Lung Disease: Lack of nutrition such as water, vitamins, protein, and Minerals can cause lung diseases such as customers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, pneumonia, and bronchitis. By eating proper nutrition diet such as fatty fish, broccoli, poultry, walnuts, fruits and vegetables, and drinking a lot of fluids can help prevent these diseases, which are filled with numerous nutrition.

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Healthcare facilities understand the impact of Nutrition on the health along with how it can be provided to the patients suffering from different kinds of diseases. Some of the major guidelines provided by Healthcare departments to the patients it is to pay attention to the fat they eat along with chicken fried proteins. Apart from that, they also put more emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables which are considered as an excellent way to acquire necessary nutrition.

Students who are learning to become a professional healthcare expert needs to understand the importance of nutrition in the body and how it can be recovered in order to improve the lifestyle and health of the patient. While studying Healthcare, students are also required to submit healthcare assignments which is based on case studies of different patients suffering from numerous kinds of diseases due to lack of nutrition. If you are finding difficulty in successfully completing those Health Care assignments, then you can seek help from Need Assignment Help writing solutions who will provide high quality and plagiarism free Health Care assignments within the deadline.

Posted on April 15, 2020 by NAH
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