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This Heart Day Take a Step to Ensure a Healthy Heart

World Heart Day is considered to be a tremendous platform to raise awareness among the people about heart ailments and CVD (Cardiovascular Disease). It is one of the significant and broad esplanades in the health sector. World Heart Day 2018 is around the corner, a great day to make the people cognizant about their heart and its related diseases.

This Year’s Theme

The theme of World Heart Day 2018 is “My Heart Your Heart” which implies the gesture of taking care of your own heart as well as the hearts of your near and dear ones. This is a special day to focus on the prime attention of each and everyone to acquire the habit of keeping the heart-healthy. On this day numerous healthcare and cardiology experts initiate collective efforts for the better health and functioning of the heart.

Importance of World Heart Day

We all are well aware that a healthy heart is a key to a long and active life. This day denotes the significance of a happy and healthy heart. World Heart Day is observed globally and annually on September 29. The World Health Foundation tends to plan and organize World Heart Day on this particular day to make people cognizant about CVD which has been emerged as the major cause of from last several years. This particular day promotes preventive actions that can lead to reducing and cutting down the risk of heart diseases.

Activities Related to World Heart Day

There are numerous public and private organizations that promote the relevancy and need to celebrate World Heart Day positively. These organizations tend to offer and organize several activities that focus on both the aspects i.e. health and fun at the same time. These organizations pay attention to organizing many fun-filled activities to enhance the involvement of people in performing those activities. The arrangement of fun runs, seminars and medical camps, etc. can be observed on this particular day. The World Health Federation sets up many alarming and significant health events in more than 100 countries. These events include the following tasks and activities:

  • Free Health Checks
  • Seminars
  • Sports Activities
  • Concerts
  • Sessions focusing on fitness

World Health Organization (WHO) also supports the World Health Federation in booming these activities and tasks.

High Time to Pay Attention to These Alarming Symptoms

The major cause of CVD is lack of physical activity and passive lifestyle. One must keep an eye on these signs and symptoms of CVD, stroke, and heart failure.

  • Chest discomfort is surely one of the major signs of a blocked artery or any other heart-related ailment. These discomforts may include pain, tightness in the chest, and pressure in chest as well.
  • Another alarming symptom of heart attack is pain that floats and rises in the left part of the body.
  • Pain floating to the arm is also a sign of a heart problem or heart attack. An immediate medical checkup is a must in this scenario.

Top Tn tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

  • It is high time to say goodbye to all the junk food in order to achieve a healthy heart.
  • Quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible if you want to live a healthy life. Smoking directly impacts the heart.
  • Keep a regular check on your weight as being overweight steadily puts you at the risk of acquiring heart disease.
  • Exercise and get active, throw all your laziness away if you want your heart to be fit and fine.

Final Words

Let’s take a pledge on World Heart Day 2018 to be more active and eat healthy to maintain a “healthy heart” Initiate regular medical and heart checkups to avoid any hefty disease.

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Posted on September 29, 2018 by NAH
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