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Top Tips for Effective Project Management | Assignment Help

Executing of a project by applying skills and techniques which assure achieving of goals with minimum use of resources is referred to as project management in simple terms. Some of the tips for attaining success at management level for a project are

1. Analyze the Personality of People – Ability to study the personality types of co-workers and subordinates helps the managers to extract maximum benefit from them. It can also aid in dividing the teams easily for a project on the basis of personality or mood types.

2. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification – Taking a crash course and giving a PMP certification exam indeed helps a manager in attaining an efficient approach for managing the projects.


Tips For Successful Project Management

3. Problem Solving Techniques – Being a problem solver after identification for various errors within the project makes a huge difference in improving the overall project.

4. Clear Communication – Make sure throughout the project, the communication is open and clear. Keeping in touch with major players and team members on a regular basis is also equally important for a project manager.

Hiring of Employees For a Project

Employees are the backbone of the success of any business project. So, hiring suitable candidates is a crucial step while during the beginning stages of a project. Some of the points to be considered while hiring team players include:

1. Use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc to filter out inappropriate candidates on the basis of their posts and profile information.

2. In order to choose an outstanding candidate, check how a CV is prepared by him/her. Some of the tech-savvy and exceptional job seekers use video resumes, infographics, or network building methods to attain a job.

3. Social media profiles of candidates can also be used to identify team leaders among the players. A team leader generally has a high number of followers on channels like Google+ and Twitter etc.

4. Using niche sites which have a community of achievers in a specific department can also be used for identifying a suitable candidate for a specific project. e.g. techy geeks can be found at ‘forums.majorgeeks.com’ while ‘dribbble.com’ is a hub for designers.

Project Management Tips For Beginners

Online Tools

The Internet world comprises multiple tools that not only decrease the complexity of the project but also pave the way to collaborate with important people associated with your project. Some of the popular project management tools with variable membership charges include:

1. Basecamp – It allows easy task assignments and communication within the members of your project. Also, file sharing with team members or clients is quite effortless.

2. Lighthouse – This tool helps in preparing a straightforward approach in completing your job responsibilities. It does by simplifying workflow structure by tools like mass editing tool and a powerful tagging system.

3. So1o – It helps in managing a timeline for the project. Also, electronic invoices can be developed and sent to the clients using this tool.

4. Work etc – It is a tool with multiple features for managing processes like sales, support and billing, etc along with the complete life-cycle of a customer.

Project managers can also pick for online tools which free of cost/open source if they are opting for cost control within their project. Some of the free tools available on the internet include:

1. GanttProject – This online tool helps in project management and scheduling with versatile features. Reports can be generated in PDF or HTML formats using this software.

2. Producteev – this online tool is unique as it allows unlimited projects and users without any cost.

3. Trello – This online resource helps in creating a visual representation of a project’s status.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, one must always remember “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra,” as quotes Methodist H.E. Luccock.

Project Management Tips

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