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Universal Children’s Day | Need Assignment Help

Universal children’s day was first proclaimed by United nations general assembly in the year 1954, this takes place annually on November 20th. This day is observed to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and to promote the welfare of the children world over. Universal children’s day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are but take it forward collectively to provide children world across with:

  • Basic schooling
  • Basic nutrition
  • Health care and sanitation
  • Food and shelter

Universal children's day

This day is observed to highlight the plight of many children across the globe who are amidst war prone zones, immersed in army conflicts, living on streets, suffering from physical abuse, and psychological trauma. This day is celebrated to encourage countries to move towards the betterment of the children of the nation. It is also to voice out all the child violations which go unnoticed every day and commemorate the well being of every child in the world.

Universal Children’s day is celebrated by each country on different days. For example in India, it is celebrated on November 14th on the occasion of birth anniversary of Pandit Nehru who was the first prime minister of independent India. His special affection and love towards children are honored by celebrating children’s day.

Children and Education

Children and Education go hand in hand. The right to education is a fundamental right of any child, every nation would move forward only if the children of that nation are educated. Hence primary education is not only the need of the children but a necessity for the nation’s economic development.

Universal children's day

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