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Will Teachers be Sidelined as AI Takes Lead in Education?

Technology is advancing so swiftly that it’s bounteous about the humans keeping up instead of embracing it. There is a vital role of technology in the education sector. Online teaching has become so adaptive in the classroom nowadays. Artificial intelligence is a fresh trend that we can see in the education system. The profession of an educator or teacher has encountered compelling changes from the last few years. Teachers are bit sidelined by the arrival of new technologies like artificial intelligence and plenty of other e-learning resources. All these elements are diminishing the presence of teachers in the classroom.

We must review the pros and cons of artificial intelligence before judging its future impact on the occupancy of teachers.


The process of electronic grading has endured for several years as the mode of computer tests and another grading system. The improvement and elevation in Artificial Intelligence could ease the burden of teachers by handing off all the tests and assignments to an AI for checking and grading as well. In this way, the teachers can allocate more time with pupils one by one and reshape the syllabus and module to be more apt for each student or class.

Robotics Education with Artificial Intelligence


It is near impossible for a teacher to be present all the time for the student. In this case, the usage of an Artificial Intelligent tutor will prove to be highly beneficial for the teacher and the student as well. Numerous students feel frightened to ask questions to the teachers directly. Exercising with an AI tutor can help these types of introverted students and hence they can gain confidence and score well in tests and exams.


One of the struggling and taxing tasks for the teachers is to prepare the curriculum, syllabus, modules according to different classes as each class will have a different learning style. An Artificial intelligent assistant to the teacher can lessen the burden by adjusting these numerous and confusing factors. They can easily cater to effective methods of teaching.

Test and Error

The most intimidating and exhausting part of teaching/education is trial and error. Eradicating the guesswork from the teaching process will definitely save time and diminishing the confusion level among the teacher as well as the student. An AI tutor can manage all these responsibilities accurately and quickly too. This will be resulting in freeing up the time of teachers and students.

Virtual Reality

The most essential and integral part of the coming generation’s educational segment will surely be Virtual Reality (VR). The imagination can drive the minds of students to ancient history and places so that they can apprehend the reality and concepts transparently without paying a single penny on travel and other tutoring expenses. One can grasp the real knowledge without compromising the comfort level. AI and VR go hand in hand to help the students and teachers.


  • There is no doubt that there are enormous benefits and advantages of Artificial Intelligence but there are many pitfalls of it too such as scarcity of human connection etc. The human facet of education is quite valuable and cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence – the grace and emotion of a teacher can never be depicted by an artificially intelligent tutor and it makes a big difference in the education sector and in a student’s life too.
  • It is an undeniable fact that technological progress has accelerated the wellness of life but it also depicts that how much a human is depending upon the technologies just for the sake of comfort. The same goes for the case of AI tutors and assistants as teachers can become excessively reliant on them and lose the personal touch of their teaching process by diminishing the human connection with the students.


The crux about AI is that these types of the technology function best when aligned with an impelling human facilitator. There is no doubt that AI can make the job easier for the teachers and assist the students as well. AI possesses all the positive traits to be a teacher’s new companion but alone AI cannot fulfill all the demands of teaching. The amalgamation of teachers and AI can surely create something innovative in the education sector that can benefit the student ultimately.

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Posted on May 14, 2018 by NAH
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