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It’s World Asteroid Day – 2018

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed on 6th December 2016 that International Asteroid Day will be marked and observed annually on 30th June to increase awareness among the general public about the hazardous impact of asteroids. June 30th is the day to remind the people that humankind can face major destruction by just a single impact of space rock.

The Tunguska Event

The International asteroid day is related to the Tunguska event. It puts a reminder of that devastating tragedy that took place on June 30th, 1908. A massive explosion shook the central Siberia. The explosion was like a big fireball in the sky which was as hot as the sun. The explosion flattened millions of trees. This day held the anniversary of the most dangerous and largest asteroid impact in history. This was also known as the Tunguska explosion.

Emergence of International Asteroid Day

The first International asteroid day was started in the year 2015. It brings together the mass in order to enhance the awareness related to the hazardous impacts of asteroids on the human and natural environments. In the first two years of International asteroid day celebration, more than 600 events were initiated in global activities across 78 countries. Numerous astronauts took active participation in the related activities. The UN also declared its resolution to observe and analyze the activities responsible for such an impact.

It is a day to apprehend and collect the appropriate knowledge about space bodies. It also supports solving many secrets and mysteries related to the origin of the solar system and the whole universe. In order to make the people apprehensive about the Asteroids, this day is celebrated each year with several events and programs. Most of the events focus on the threats that can be caused due to an asteroid attack on mankind and the environment as well and to study the celestial bodies.

Asteroid passing Earth

International Asteroid Day 2018

This 30th June the whole world will be celebrating the third International asteroid day. It is a global awareness campaign that will help people to learn about the asteroids and what can be done to save our earth from the hazardous impacts. This year several events are going to be organized across many countries. One of the events would be streaming a 24 hours video marathon capturing the broadcast about space and asteroids. It will also be the first-ever 48 hours live broadcast. Experts comprising the Apollo 9 astronaut and astronaut Nicole Stott from International Space Station will be participating in the discussions this year. The social media followers will also be getting chances to ask the questions and queries from the experts as well.

Nearly 72 new objects near earth have been discovered in the past 3 years.  8 out of those objects are termed as potentially harmful and dangerous to our planet and they can hit the earth at any time. According to the recent reports from NASA’S Near Earth-Object program, there are no such big threats and risks of hitting the earth anytime soon. But the damage to Siberia must not be forgotten which was the result of a small meteor.

So this world asteroid day let’s gather and learn something fruitful about these millions of asteroids and what steps we can initiate to lower down the risks involved. Asteroids are surely a big threat to mankind but they also contain unrevealed resources.

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Posted on June 30, 2018 by NAH
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