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World Diabetes Day 2018

World Diabetes Day is observed annually on the 14th of November. This day is commemorated to promote awareness and cognizance among the general people regarding the impact and complexities that arise because of diabetes. World Diabetes Day takes place every year around the world to teach people what it does to their body and health. It is a shocking fact that more than 200 million worldwide don’t even know that they are suffering from diabetes. Cases of diabetes are sprinting each and every minute all around the world. However, diabetes is considered to be a controllable disease that is accelerating in humans. The chief motive behind the celebration of World Diabetes Day (WDD) is to spread the message to the public that can make them aware and able to notice the early signs and symptoms of this disease.

History of World Diabetes Day

International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) hatched the World Diabetes Day in the year 1991 with an aim to block the rising cases of diabetes all around the world. In the year 2016, approximately 230 International Diabetes Foundation member associations celebrated World Diabetes Day in more than 160 countries. The date November 14 also marks the birth anniversary of Sir Frederick Banting who was associated with the discovery of insulin and practiced the same on humans for the very first time. World Diabetes Day is formed to enhance alertness regarding the jumping number of people being stirred by this diabetes around the world. It also aims to raise the awareness pointing the risk factors of diabetes and spotlights the significance and relevancy of prevention and treatment methods of diabetes. According to the statistics and reports of the World Health Organization approximately 422 million people are living with the disease of diabetes and about 4 million people die every year because of diabetes.

World Diabetes Day Theme 2018

World Diabetes Day is commemorated every year with a new theme. This year the theme will be “The Family and Diabetes”. As the name of this theme clears itself, it aims to raise cognizance regarding the influence of diabetes on the whole family. It spotlights the measures to prevent it. The chief idea behind this theme is to enhance the role and responsibility of family in prevention, care, education and awareness of diabetes. The aim is to provide proper education rips to Prevent Diabetes

Reduce The Excess Body Fat – Being overweight is considered to be the biggest risk factor for diabetes. For instance, every kilogram of weight loss tends to cut down the diabetes risk by 16 percent. Introduce fruits and vegetables to diet and avoid trans fats.

Drink Much Water – Reports suggest that sweet drinks play a major role in enhancing obesity and diabetes. Replace these harmful drinks with a glass of water and see the benefits.

Increase Body Movements – Indulge in physical activities rather than sitting for a long period of time. Physical exercise tends to render the cells that are quite sensitive to insulin. One can introduce brisk walking to his/her routine.

Keep The Stress Out – Taking stress only harms your mind and body. Stress releases several hormones that result in increasing the blood sugar level. Cut down the stress level in your life to be free from diabetes.

Get a Good Sleep – Continual sleep deprivation, lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep lead to an increase in the risk of diabetes. One needs to get good sleep to acquire a healthy body.

Routine Medical Checkups – Visit your doctor at a regular interval of time in order to prevent diabetes.


This World Diabetes Day let’s pledge to be true to our health. Change your routine and lifestyle and focus more on exercise and outdoor physical activities.

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Posted on November 14, 2018 by NAH
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