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World Television Day 2018 – Apprehend Some Good Things about TV

There is no doubt that TV plays a quite significant role in changing the lifestyle and mindset of people to some extent. We all are well aware that television is a source of media and entertainment. There is no denial to the fact that TV has become a part of everybody’s daily life. No one is unaware about this source of amusement and entertainment.

Outset of World Television Day

First world television forum was held by the United Nations on 21 and 22nd November 1996. In this forum the paramount media figures met under the support of United Nations to discuss the elevating importance of television and how can they emerge their tasks and work cooperatively for the betterment. On December 1996, the general assembly of United Nations announced 21st November to be celebrated as World Television Day.

Television is considered to be a giant time eater as one gets glued to the TV screens for hours. Children are always advised to stay away from it as much as possible. But is that all TV can be looked for? Or does it cater any positive aspect as well. The answer will be sheer yes and here are the reasons in support of it.

Reasons Why TV is Loved

Just imagine if your television suddenly stops working and you cannot do anything at once to fix it. What will you miss out? Your favorite shows, news, sports, movies and everything. We cannot deny the amount of amusement a television harvests in our lives.

Medium of Information

First and foremost TV is a brilliant source and medium of information. It streams knowledge that can keep each one up to date with each and every happening around the world. There are numerous news channels and advertisements that tend to offer bunch of information to us.

TV has Influence

In today’s world knowledge and information is everywhere. TV tends to hold a certain dominion and authority. Millions of people watch television at a same time as a result it holds the power to influence the mindset of people. It is also considered to be a trusted source of news and other information.

Calls for Action

Television has universal reach and that is why it tends to stream efficient call for action during any global emergency, natural disaster or crisis. It provides fresh and exclusive piece of information to the public.

Helps in Elevating Mood

Watching TV is a great idea when you are stressed up or sad as it can lift up your spirits quite well. Watching your favorite music videos, shows and movies can instantly elevate your mood.

Encourages The Economy

The TV and media sector is fine platform to stimulate the economy. Millions of workers are employed in the global media sector. In European Union more than 1.2 million people are employed in the audiovisual sector.


Television also offers educational content that can help children to boost their knowledge and learning in a fun way contrasting to the traditional approach. The time limits should be set in order to utilize the positive aspects of television rather than just harvesting the ill aspects.

Posted on November 21, 2018 by NAH
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