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Capital Budgeting Assignment Help

Capital budgeting is also known as investment appraisal and can be defined as the planning procedure which determines if an organization should spend its finances for long term investment. Through capital budgeting, companies evaluate and rank the prospective expenditures or investment based on their significance. It is the tool to maximize the profits and maximize cash flow over the years by investing tactfully.

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What Is Capital Budgeting?

Capital budgeting is a process through which a company decides whether the projects (such as investing in R&D, replacing a machine and opening a new branch) are worth pursuing. A project is worth pursuing if it increases the value of the company. Here the term "value" refers to money.

Or you can explain it in other way also:

Capital budgeting is the process in which a business evaluates and determines investments or potential expenses that are large in nature. These investments and expenditures include projects such as investing in a long-term venture and building a new plant.


There is one more important term that is "Investment Appraisal". Investment Appraisal is a project's lifetime cash outflows and inflows are assessed in order to determine whether the potential returns meet a sufficient target.

Capital Budgeting Techniques
There major techniques of capital budgeting are:
  • Economic rate of return (ERR): Or you can say internal rate of return (IRR). It is used for comparing and calculating the profitability related to investments in capital budgeting.
  • Net Present Value (NPV): It is the sum of the present values related to incoming and outgoing cash flows during a particular time period.
  • Equivalent annuity method: It helps in obtaining the cost per year related to operating a resource during its lifespan.

There are several other methods of calculating capital budgeting. They are accounting rate of return, real options valuations, payback period, internal rate of return, equivalent annuity method, profitability index, and modified internal rate of return.

Importance Of Capital Budgeting
  • Develop long term goals: Long term goals are essential in prosperity and growth of any business.
  • Seeking new investment projects: It gives the experience to seek and invest in new projects to increase the value of their company.
  • Forecast future values: capital budgeting enables the corporates to estimate the future cash flows (incoming and outgoing), which help them to make the decision whether the project should be accepted or rejected.
  • Helps in transferring the information: when a company is working on a project, several decisions need to be made at different levels of authority and at different time. Capital budgeting helps in transferring the information among different employees which helps in decision making.
  • Monitoring and Management of investment: It helps in deciding the budget or the investment on a project. Because if the investments are not properly managed, the project will be turn into a bad project despite of all the hard work and the precious time.
  • Helps in decision making: With the help of capital budgeting, a company is able to take a decision regarding which project to accept and which one to reject, by considering and analysing the above five points.
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