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Database Assignment Help

The academic life of the students requires them to focus to understand the concepts so as to be able to apply them in practical situations. With this aim, the universities, colleges and institutions have included the concept of assignments in the academic curriculum of the students wherein they are provided with questions from within the course which could be theoretical in nature or may be practical and it could even include questions based on case- studies and the students are required to solve the same within a specified time deadline to be submitted to the respective teachers. Thereafter, their assignments are evaluated and marks or grades are assigned. Students pursuing courses related to computer science or information technology, etc. are required to study different subjects which greatly vary from studying the fundamentals of hardware, software, etc. to understanding the basics of computer language such as C and C++ Java HTML, XHTML, and so on. One such subject is Database Management System, popularly abbreviated as DBMS. Let's now move on to understand why there is a need for database assignment help, but before that, it would be of much help if one gets to understand what exactly is Database Management System.

information and data
Information And Data

It is a well known fact that the facts and figures are required to be presented in such a way that they can be easily and quickly interpreted in the sense that conveys the actual meaning to the persons concerned. The terms 'Data' and 'information' are two terms that contain the facts and figures but the way they communicate these facts and figures are different and here lies the basic difference between these terms. Data refers to the facts or figures that are unstructured in nature and do not convey the actual meaning whereas information refers to the structured and organised data that is processed and presented in such a way that so as to ensure its quick interpretation. In other words, the raw, unstructured data, when processed, gets converted in to the structured, organised information. Therefore, it can be said that information are more useful than data since they communicate the exact facts and figures to its audience in a more presentable manner. Good presentation enables the person to deduce the exact information and thereby help them in making quick decisions.

Concept of Database And Database Management

The concept of database management can be easily understood the meaning of database management and the features of database management that describes the basic characteristics of the term 'database management'. But, before that, it is important to understand the meaning of database.

MEANING OF DATABASE- In a layman language, the term "Database" refers to the maintenance of huge amount of data so as to have a strong foundation (base) and therefore, to ensure an easy access to the required data, as and when required. Therefore, database can be defined as the collection of data, in large quantity, which is so sophistically organized that it becomes very easy to search and, thereby, retrieve the required data when any such requirement arises. Further, maintaining database in a proper manner ensures not only easy accessibility, but also smooth management and quick updation of the data.

MEANING OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT- The process of smooth, efficient and effective management of huge amount of data collected from various sources is termed as database management. There are various methods by which the aim of database management can be achieved easily. Management of Database can be done with the help of inclusion of tables, schemas, etc. which consists of various queries, records and reports having its respective attributes.

FEATURES OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT:- The term 'database management' has the following characteristic features of database management:-
  • Database management ensures easy maintenance of huge amount of structured data, i.e., information.
  • The process of database management also ensures systematic and organized availability of data.
  • Database management, further, provides a well structured collection or repository of information, which is usually indexed.
Database Related Concepts

To have a clear understanding of database management, it is very much important to have a crystal clarity in the database related concepts. Some such database related concepts are SQL, MYSQL, MSSQL, ORACLE, etc. Below are brief description on these concepts:

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)- SQL is the abbreviated term for Structured Query Language which is actually a programming language which is designed with a special purpose of maintaining data in Relational Database Management System, i.e., RDBMS. It consists of data definition language, data manipulation language, and data control language.
  • MYSQL- MYSQL is, at present times, is the most widely used Relational Database Management system (RDBMS). It is written in C and C++. Information schema, triggers, cursors, SSL Support, etc. are some of its major features but it has a limitation that it does not follow the full SQL standard for some implemented functionality.
  • MSSQL- Microsoft Structured Query Language, i.e., MSSQL is another Relational Database Management system (RDBMS) which is developed by Microsoft, hence named MSSQL, wherein MS stands for Microsoft. It is also written in C and C++ and has the main functionality of storage and retrieval of data.
  • ORACLE- Oracle is also commonly referred to as Oracle Database or Oracle RDBMS. It is basically an object- relational database management system and is produced by Oracle. It is written in assembly language, C and C++. It can store and execute stored procedures and functions within itself.
application programs

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