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Be Acquainted With Different Halloween Traditions Around The World

“The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun, the light has been broken; the spell has begun” – Midgard Morningstar.

These lines can highly uproar the spooky vibes within all of us. Halloween is a delightful, whimsical and amusing holiday that elicits the kid and frolic within us. Aside from tricks and startles it is a brilliant time to discover the true meaning behind the exalted Halloween celebration around the world.

Halloween celebrations are hitting the corner in numerous countries around the world. The celebration of this festival takes place in many countries by different names such as All Hollow’s Eve, All Halloween, and All Saint’s Eve, etc. From the last ten years, the traditions related to Halloween are heavily increasing and been celebrated in European countries. Each country celebrates Halloween Day as per their knowledge and according to their unique style.

This Blog Will Help You Apprehend The Unique Halloween Traditions Around The world

If we talk about the past decade, Halloween traditions have spread worldwide and have become increasingly popular in Europe. Each country still remains unique and has its own way of celebrating life and death.

  • England: The “trick-or-treat” custom initiated in England. It is also known as “Mischief Night.” In the US people carve the pumpkins.
  • Belgium: Few villages in Belgium celebrate the Halloween festival while the rest of the villages spotlights on the celebration of All Saints’ Day. People can be found remembering their dead ones by lighting a candle.
  • Canada: Halloween celebrations take place vastly in Canada. This country vivaciously celebrates Halloween festival every year comprising unique and scary costumes.
  • China: Teachers and ex-pats etc. introduced the Halloween celebration in China. Events such as Hungry Ghost Festival, Spring Festival, and Quing Ming Festival, etc. take place.
  • Austria: In Austria the Pumpkin festival takes place. Some people in Austria believe that if they leave the water, bread, and a lighted lamp out, dead souls will be welcomed back to earth for that night.
  • France: In France, this particular holiday is a fresh trend and the people around there celebrate this day with costume parties and putting up the evil outfits.
  • Germany: In Germany people celebrate Halloween festivals by decorating their homes and organizing the Halloween parties. On 11 November people in Germany celebrate Matinstag which comprises lantern procession and scary costumes.
  • Hong Kong: Halloween is becoming extremely popular In Hong Kong in the past few years. Parks there gets decorated in the theme of Halloween namely Ocean Park and Disneyland. The spooky atmosphere can be observed everywhere on this particular day.

Final Thoughts

Halloween Time has arrived now; take out time to recall the friends, near ones, and family who are no longer with us. Realize their contribution in your life and experience, pay tribute, and honor your ancestors with kindness and love. Also, engage in fun activities related to the pumpkin festival. Invite friends to get together and cherish the merriness of this day. Enjoy the delicious traditional food like soul cakes, hot cross buns, pumpkin candies, etc.

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Posted on October 31, 2018 by NAH
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