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The literal meaning of Physics comes out to be the knowledge and the study of nature and the natural sciences. The science of physics involves the study of the motion of the states of matter. Physics comes with a number of other related concepts such as the energy, force, inertia etc. Physics is the basic foundation for a number of other disciplines such as astronomy, engineering, electronics etc. It leads to a better understanding of a number of fields and disciplines and hence, it is one of the most important subjects today and is taught in a number of universities and colleges. A lot of students study physics either as the main subject or as the side subject along with the main subject that they are studying and a lot of them are assigned with some or the other physics assignment topics. Most of the students find difficulty in doing assignments and hence, they look for online physics homework help. NeedAssignmentHelp has been known for providing Physics assignment help to the students all over the world.

Branches of physics


Physics is an enormous subject encompassing in it a number of different sub-disciplines and branches. Below mentioned are some of the mainly studied branches of Physics. NeedAssignmentHelp provides online physics homework in each of the sub-discipline and branch of Physics.

  1. Thermodynamics – one of the most critical branches of Physics which deal with the phenomena related to the temperature and heat. The branch deals with the relation of heat and temperature with certain other forms of energy.
  2. Electromagnetism – this particular phenomenon and discipline is used in a lot of technologies today. This branch brings together both the electricity as well as the magnetism phenomenon in order to carry out functions and operations which otherwise are not possible to accomplish.
  3. Relativity – the theory of relativity given by Albert Einstein led to the start of this particular branch of physics. This branch studies the speed of light and its relativity to the speed of various other energies.
  4. Astronomy – Yet another extremely vast discipline of Physics is Astronomy. The branch deals with the study of the outer space.

Core theories of Physics


The branch of physics deals with a number of theories and formulas, but some of them are critical as they form the entire basis of the discipline of physics. Below mentioned and described are the two main as well as the most basic of all the physics theories. NeedAssignmentHelp provides physics homework help to the students all over the world in both of these theories of physics.

  1. Classical physics theory – the concept of the classical physics emerged back in the time before the 20th.Some of the commonly studied concepts and theories of the classical physics are the optics, acoustics, thermodynamics, and the electromagnetism. The study of the classical physics led to the division of the concept into statics, kinematics and dynamics. Likewise, the dynamics or the mechanics can also be further sub-divided into hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, aerodynamics and the pneumatics. The classical mechanics or the classical physics is also termed as the Newtonian physics.
  2. Modern physics theory – the study of the modern physics is generally concerned with the behaviour of the energy as well as the matter under certain varied conditions. It studies about the behaviour of the matter and its energy on both very small as well as very large scale. The modern physics includes the concepts and the formulas that were initiated after the 20th
Classical physics
  • Classical physics is the branch of the physics which came into existence before the 20th century and was studied before the 20th century.
  • It deals with the study of the matter and energy on the basic and the normal scale of observation.
  • It includes the whole of the concepts and the theories that are included under the Newtonian mechanics.
  • It was pioneered by the great scientists, Albert Einstein, Galileo, Kepler, Bernoulli etc.
  • Classical theory mainly includes topics and concepts such as optics, acoustics, thermodynamics etc.
Modern Physics
  • Modern physics is the branch of physics which came into prevalence after the 20th century by the scientists of that time.
  • It deals with study of the behavior of matter and energy under the very extreme and the critical conditions on a very large or very small scale.
  • It includes the concepts and the formulations that are included under the quantum mechanics.
  • It was pioneered by the great scientists Max Planck, Maxwell, Heisenberg, Albert Einstein etc.
  • It includes the theories and topics like quantum theory, Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty etc.

  Advantages of studying Physics


Physics is an extremely vital subject for the sustenance of the mankind on the earth. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of studying physics: -

  • It provides the students with good job opportunities and opens up wider avenues for the students in various fields.
  • It opens up wider avenues for research in various fields and paves a path for a better research on various topics.
  • It enhances the practical and the analytical thinking abilities of the students. Anyone who studies physics is bound to be more practical.
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Main topics covered under physics assignment help


Physics is a vast subject incorporating in it various different subtopics and sub-disciplines. Below mentioned are some of the commonly used topics in physics: -

NeedAssignmentHelp provides online physics homework help in almost all topics and sub-topics of physics. 

Problems faced by students


Physics is an interdisciplinary field and is taught to students in various fields other than physics as well. Hence, students might face problems in doing these assignments and homework related to physics. Sometimes students do not understand the guidelines of the universities or they might do not understand the subject as a whole or maybe just a small topic of the subject and in such conditions, the students think I need help with physics, do my physics homework and hence, they search out the internet for some physics homework helper or online physics homework. NeedAssignmentHelp has been known to provide a highly authentic and researched physics homework help to the student all over the world. More about NeedAssignmentHelp is mentioned in the below section of this excerpt.

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