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The simplest definition of biotechnology is making the use of biological systems in order to produce commercially useful products by applying a technological approach to them. The term biotechnology comes from two main words the “bio” and the “technology” and when biology comes together with technology, biotechnology comes into the picture. Though both biology and technology are extremely different from each other when they sum up they provide some extremely useful researches and products. In biotechnology both science and technology walk hand in hand for providing the best kind of innovations and technologies. Very often students take up biotechnology as the main course of study in their colleges or universities and decide to pursue higher education in their very amazing field of biotechnology. In such cases, students are given assignments, homework, projects, etc., related to biotechnology and they often look for biotechnology assignment help or biotechnology homework help on the internet. NeedAssignmentHelp has well-qualified subject matter experts who are specialized in providing every kind of biotechnology assignment help to the students. Very often students are given projects apart from homework and assignment, and the subject matter experts of NeedAssignmentHelp can provide you with very authentic and highly researched biotechnology project help.

Biotechnology Assignment Help

Fields of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a vast discipline and hence, the biotechnology fields of study are vast too. In fact, a number of other branches of sciences are attached to this science of biotechnology and the interrelationship that leads to newer and better technological innovations each day. Below mentioned are some of the branches of the biotechnology fields of study: -

  • Biochemistry –The branch of science which comprises the use of both biology and chemistry in relation to living organisms.
  • Cell Biology – The study of the basic structural unit of life; cell, is basically known as cell biology.
  • Plant Biotechnology –The science of biotechnology limited to plants only.
  • Animal Biotechnology – The science of biotechnology that is limited only to animals is known as animal biotechnology.
  • Microbiology – The study of the extremely small organisms that are visible only under microscopes is known as microbiology.
  • Molecular Biology – The branch of sciences deals with the function and the structure of the macromolecules that play the most important role in the living world.
  • Biomedical Sciences –The branch of biology which deals with the functioning of the cell, organs, or organ systems in living organisms. It is one of the most important disciplines of biology.
  • DNA Sequencing –The science which determines the order of nucleotides within the DNA molecules of living creatures.
  • Bioinformatics – The branch of the sciences which functions by collecting and analyzing important data related to the biological systems, such as the genetic codes, generally comes under bioinformatics.

What does Biotechnology Mean?

Biotechnology is such an important and highly famous branch of sciences and yet some people have questions like what does biotechnology mean? This question can be answered only when we talk about biotechnology in detail. The basic definition of biotechnology has already been explained in the above section of this excerpt. In general terms, biotechnology uses and modifies the system of the living organism and employs certain technical procedures on them in order to extract certain commercially useful products. The products and the research related to biotechnology are extremely significant to mankind. Biotechnology majorly is known for its tremendous advancing innovations in various industries like cosmetics, medicines, agriculture, and food products. Biotechnology has played exceptional roles in almost all the industries of commercial production in recent years. With the advancement in technology, new and better technological researches have taken place and all such researches have helped the researchers in taking the branch of biotechnology to a better and higher level. Biotechnology employs biological, physical, chemical, or biochemical transformation on the living organisms being studied. Though there are a lot of pros and cons of biotechnology too, overall it is known to be a socially helpful field of sciences.

Scope of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a vast discipline of science that is interrelated to a lot of other disciplines of sciences and hence, there is a very vast scope of biotechnology. The scope of biotechnology can be understood from the fact that there are thousands of biotechnological researches going on simultaneously all over the world and yet there are millions of topics that still need research. The National Institute Of General Medical Sciences runs a funding process for biotechnology researches in the world. Students studying biotechnology have to compete for this funding and only selected biotech programs are given this funding to carry out further research.

Biotechnology as a Subject

Most of the students take up biotechnology for pursuing higher studies and it has been reported to be a very interesting subject by most of the students all over the world. The fact that biotechnology links to hundreds of other disciplines of sciences explain the role of biotechnology as a subject. Even if you aren’t a biotechnology student but a student of some other discipline relating to biology, you will have to study and do biotechnology assignments. In such cases, students look for online biotechnology assignment help and biotechnology project help. NeedAssignmentHelp is the ultimate solution as it provides the best biotechnology homework help.

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DNA Sequencing

The science of DNA sequencing is employed in order to know the exact order of the nucleotides in a given DNA molecule of the living organisms. It includes the methods to identify the order of the four main bases which are adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. DNA is composed of these 4 bases and by identifying the order of these four bases; it becomes very easy to identify the sequences of the DNA molecules. DNA sequencing has been known to accelerate a lot of different biological as well as medical procedures and hence, is a tremendously important discipline of biotechnology. For carrying out any basic biological research, the proper knowledge of the DNA sequences is important. As we know, biotechnology is a field of science that interrelates with a lot of different branches of science, and in the same way, DNA sequencing is helpful in many branches. Most of the biotechnological branches that employ DNA sequencing are the medical sciences, forensic studies, virology, and various biological systems.

Genetic Engineering in Biotechnology

Genetic engineering is known to be the most essential part of biotechnology. The genomes of the living systems involved in biotechnology research are manipulated by using genetic engineering techniques. Genetic engineering involves the alteration of the genetic makeup of the DNA of the organism that is being studied in order to benefit biotechnological research.  Another very basic procedure involved in genetic engineering is gene transfer and cloning, which leads to a completely new genetic material of the organism. With the end of the genetic engineering procedures, the new DNA molecules with altered genetic materials are obtained which are of tremendous importance to a number of industries. Some of the areas where genetic engineering has been used in recent years are agriculture, industrial and medical biotechnologies. The organisms that have undergone the genetic engineering procedures are called genetically modified organisms. Some of the examples of genetically modified organisms are Zebrafish, Bt cotton, Bt brinjal, and mice. Genetic engineering is considered to be the backbone of biotechnology and has been used extensively in recent years.

Problems Faced by Students Studying Biotechnology

Biotechnology being a vast subject is quite difficult in studying too. It requires a lot of hard work for just studying and hence, students do not get enough time for completing their homework and assignments. Students deal with a lot of pressure as biotechnology is not just a theoretical but a practical subject too. Students often look for Biotechnology assignment help, biotechnology homework help, and biotechnology project help on various online websites. The best kind of biotechnology project help is provided by the NeedAssignmentHelp portal. Be it any kind of coursework, NeedAssignmentHelp provides the best kind of biotechnology assignment help all over the globe.

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