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An operating system is an interface that is responsible for connecting together the computer with the computer hardware. In the simplest terms, we can define the operating system as the software which performs and executes all the functions of the computer and the computer hardware. The concept of an operating system was first introduced back in the ’90s but today; we can see a long list of operating systems to choose from. The study of the operating system is mandatory for all computer science students as it serves as the basic platform for computer science professionals. Hence, students from almost every computer science background study operating systems, and most of them find it difficult to study. Many students also find it difficult to complete the operating system assignments due to various reasons. Hence, they look for operating system assignment help. NeedAssignmentHelp is highly proficient in providing operating system homework help to students all over the world.

Operating System Assignment Help

Types of Operating System

As mentioned above, at the starting of the time, there were only a few operating systems, but today we have a long list of operating systems. Below mentioned are some of the most commonly used types of the operating system:

  1. Real-Time Operating System – As the name suggests, this particular operating system functions in real-time and provides ample time for the completion of all kinds of critical operations.
  2. Batch Operating SystemIn this type of operating system, the user and the computer are not in any kind of direct contact. It is called the batch operating system as the user is supposed to submit all the information in the form of a batch. It is the most primitive type of operating system.
  3. Distributed Operating System The main reason behind the evocation of the distributed operating system is to provide users with affordable and highly powerful microprocessors.
  4. Multiprogramming Batch Operating System The system in which the central processing system, as well as the operating system together, performs and executes various functions are called the multiprogramming batch operating system.

Operating System Functions

The operating system is considered to be the backbone of the entire computer and hence, performs a number of functions. Below mentioned, are some of the operating system functions: -

  • It manages and takes care of the memory of the computer.
  • It manages the entire device as well as the files in the device.
  • It helps in the detection of the error and accounts for the various jobs of the system.
  • It manages the processes and operations of the system.
  • It secures the device, the files, and the data stored inside it.
  • It coordinates between the software and the user of the software.

Examples of Operating Systems

  • UNIX – This particular operating system is the leading one and is considered to be the best operating system amongst all. It is used for the purpose of controlling and organizing the computer system.
  • Mac OS – Macintosh operating system is the most primitive kind of operating system. It is a graphical interface-based operating system. It is used widely in a number of workstations and computer systems.
  • Linux – It is an open-source kind of operating system which functions in a cross-platform. Some of the OS under Linux are Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, etc.
  • Windows Operating Systems – It is the most widely used and the best operating system. Every year new operating system is launched by the company and the latest one being the windows 10S
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Android Operating System

Although the Android operating system is relatively newer in the world of operating systems, it is the only operating system that is growing at a very fast pace. It was introduced to the world a decade ago and now, almost all mobiles, tablets, etc. make use of it. Though it is specifically a mobile operating system, it is very often used in various laptops and computers as well. The Android OS is the brainchild of the Google Company and it works on the Linux-based kernel. It is considered to be the best operating system for touchscreen systems. Advancement in technology can be observed by the emergence of Android televisions, gaming consoles, PCs, etc. The user interface of the android is based on direct manipulation through the means of the touch gestures and it usually responds to the swiping, sliding, pinching, etc. kinds of gestures.

Important Topics in the Operating System Assignment Help

The operating system is a wide subject harboring a number of sub-discipline sub-topics. Operating system assignment help is provided to students all over the world. Below mentioned are some of the important topics relating to the operating system.

  • Memory Management – This particular term is used quite often in the study of operating systems. This particular process is used for the purpose of control and management of the entire memory of the system. It possesses various functions such as virtual memory, linking, dynamic address translation, etc.
  • Concurrency – It is generally used for the purpose of management of multiple tasks at a given time. It includes synchronization, switching, deadlock, scheduling, etc.
  • File Systems – The process of storage and organization of the information on the hard drive of the computer system is included in this particular
  • Processes – The commands that are collectively used for the purpose of programming are included in this particular topic. The process has a number of sets of functions in them including unique process identifiers, environment variables, security context, etc.

This was a brief overview of the topics that are described in the operating system homework help by the NeedAssignmentHelp portal.

Problems Faced by Students

The operating system is the most basic sub-discipline in the field of computer sciences is studied by all the students studying computer sciences. A number of problems are faced by the students due to which they fail in completing the operating system assignments and homework. Computer science is a diverse field and students are often burdened with a lot of practical work which leaves them with no time to complete the assignments. Also, a lack of understanding of the topic may also lead to an inability to complete the assignments. Such situations lead the students towards the online operating system assignment help. Students search the internet and find the best and the most suitable website that can provide them with authentic and high-quality operating system homework help, which is best provided by the experts of NeedAssignmentHelp.

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