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English is a language learned and spoken by more than 1 billion people all over the world and is taught in schools since the  initial stages. English has been divided into three parts namely, the Old English, the Middle English and the Modern English. The old English was the most difficult to understand. English has been given the priority of the official language in more than seventy five countries like Canada, Australia, The United States of America, Britain, South Africa and many others. English writing consists of letter writing, notice writing, article writing, essay writing and many more. They all have a different format and purpose of writing. English however, is one of the most influential languages in today’s world and is being accepted and encouraged by the people residing in every corner of the world. These days the competence of a person is measured by how well he speaks in English. People who do not know how to speak in English are often picked on or even humiliated. Hence, to prepare for competing with the modern world, children has been introduced to the English language since a very initial stage of academic learning. The complexity of the language increases with the academic stages. Students find the grammar to be the most difficult and therefore, need English assignment help and English homework help.

Parts of English


While learning English academically, there are many parts that are taught to the students. With time, the students are introduced to the more complex parts of English. That is when they need English assignment help and help with English homework. Academic institutions in the recent years are focusing more on the English language and hence, stress on the grammar which is the most difficult to understand so therefore, a majority of students need help with English homework and other English assignment help. The basic parts of English in terms of academics are English literature and English grammar.

What is English literature and English grammar?

NeedAssignmentHelp is the ultimate answer to all these questions. NeedAssignmentHelp is a website that has been providing English assignment help and English homework help since a long time and has been very successful in doing so. We provide not only help for English assignment but many other subjects. We have a huge team of writers who have been working in this field since a long time and have done their master’s and PhD in their respective subjects. Therefore, we assure you of the finest quality online English help for students. 

Difficulties faced by students in doing English assignments


English as discussed earlier can be a very interesting subject if taken, studied and taught with concentration and right technique. There are mainly five challenges that a student faces in accomplishing English assignment writing. They are grammar; as discussed before the several principles of grammar are very confusing and difficult to understand, Vocabulary; the vocabulary is the key point of getting extra scores in examinations and assignments, but at the same time improving one’s vocabulary is not a very easy thing to do with the burden of many other subjects and their course works, Pronunciation; pronunciation is another biggest challenge of learning English since reading the written words of English are not always pronounced exactly the way it’s written, Variation and slangs; the academic institutions do not focus much on introducing the English slangs and variation in them hence, they find it difficult in reading a book or talking to a friend residing in abroad. English however, can both be simple and complex as a subject.

English- as a simple language


English is an easy language in terms of speaking and writing not only for the native students but students from around the world. If given a proper training and coaching since the very beginning of the academic years of a student, there would be no such thing as a complex English. Not only in academics but also outside the institution, if a student incorporates the habit of speaking in English, he can definitely accomplish a great understanding of English skills. Also, speaking in English initiates the easier communication between people from different parts of the world.

English- as a complex language


The complex side of the English subject is the difficulty and dilemma in not getting a job or admission in one’s desired institute. English as we all know has become the global language and the main source of communication with the people in different parts of the world. It has also contributed in rooting off people from their own native language. People and their abilities are also being judged by how well they can communicate in English. Hence, it is obvious that people are focusing more in getting their children the best coaching and guidance in English.

Why English is necessary in our lives


As we have discussed earlier, English language carves our future and career. English however, may not be spoken in all the countries of the world, but in the majority of countries it is the official language. There are more than 2 billion people who use English as the main language for communication on a daily basis. In business as well, it is considered to be the main source of communication between the parties. The global workforce uses English as the main source of communication. Hence, grooming oneself in the English language is a prime source of connecting to the most successful of countries for purposes like jobs, education, business deals and others. The content that we find on the internet is also more than fifty percent in English. So, we can guess the significance of English in today’s world in terms of development and modernization.

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How to learn English


Learning to speak a language is very difficult but the language English is not much difficult since everyone has a basic knowledge of English and have been given introduction to since school. However, there is a difference between knowing the basics and speaking in it with fluency. Speaking and writing in English is the most important factor in today’s competitive world. Different people consider different ways of learning English since there are many. Here are three basic tips for being a proficient English speaker and writer: -

Difficult aspects of studying English


The most difficult aspect about studying English as a subject is, there are many terms pronounced the same way but their spellings and meanings are different such as  accept and except, observe and absorb, then and than, ideal and idle etc. Person who is learning English finds these terms to be very confusing and often do mistakes in not only speaking but writing as well.  

These mistakes are not accepted in examinations or even in English assignments. Students facing difficulties in doing their assignment writing can come to us and avail the best quality help for English assignment.  

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