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The field of financing which deals with the capital structures of corporations and the different kinds of sources of funding is generally referred to as corporate financing. It basically involves the actions taken by the different managers in order to enhance the firm’s value to the stakeholders. It possesses all kinds of tools as the analysis that is used for the purpose of allocation of the financial resources. This particular discipline functions by bringing together both corporate and finance and defining their importance in the financial areas. A lot of students studying finances or accounts often study the discipline of corporate finance, in order to get a better understanding of both corporate and finance. In a lot of universities, the study of the concept of corporate finance is made compulsory. But very often most of the students find it difficult to understand and hence, they aren’t able to attempt the assignments and homework related to the subject. Under such circumstances, the students often look for corporate finance homework help. Students try to find genuine and reliable sources of corporate finance assignment help. NeedAssignmentHelp is the best and most reliable finance assignment help providing service.

Corporate Finance Assignment Help

Concept of Corporate Finance

The main goal behind the entire concept of corporate finance is to maximize the entire value of the stakeholders. The discipline of corporate financing was actually evoked in order to infuse the concept of financing in the corporate sectors. The discipline of corporate finance is extremely vast and incorporates in itself a number of sub-disciplines as well.  A very basic concept of corporate finance is investment analysis, which is concerned mainly with the process of setting up different criteria for the various value-added projects. It basically analyses whether finance should be invested with debit or equity. Another very important concept of corporate finance is working capital management. It basically deals with the management of the different monetary funds of a particular company.

Functions of Corporate Finance

There are a number of different functions of corporate finances, some of which are stated below:

  • A very major function performed by corporate finance is the process of the investment of the funds in a proper way so as to extract adequate amounts of profit and then further following it in order to maximize that profit. The investment is basically grouped into fixed assets and current assets.
  • Another very important function of corporate finance rests in the process of the acquisition of resources. It basically involves the generation of the funds at the lowest cost which is possible.

Major Financial Statements

  1. Cash Flow Statement - The cash flow is one of the fundamental concepts of corporate finance and is used for the purpose of the representation of the cash flow statement through the means of the outflow and the inflow of the cash.
  2. Balance Sheet - An orderly representation of the liabilities, assets, and capital of a particular firm for a particular and specified period of time.
  1. Statement of Income - The complete analysis of the net profit for a particular given financial period can be done through the help of the statement of the income.
  2. Statement of the Retained Income - It is often considered to be the least used of all the financial statements. It provides the change in the equity position of a particular firm.
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Sources of Capital

The entire concept of corporate finance functions with the help of the source of capital. NeedAssignmentHelp provides corporate finance help for the below-mentioned sources of capital.

  • Equity Capital – When a particular organization runs short of funds for the purpose of investment, the corporation or the organization generally switches over to the equity for the purpose of the investment in place of the cash investment. The equity capital also helps in gaining and raising back the funds. This is one of the most important sources of capital.
  • Debt Capital – When corporations elevate the level of the funds with the help of the debt, then the particular type of capital is known as debt capital. It also includes various types of bonds which generally include the payment of the entire annual amount by the corporations. Some of the bonds are generally callable whereas many others are not.
  • Preferred Share – This particular source of capital generally issued by the corporation itself. It is considered to be a higher level of the share as compared to the normal share. It consists of a bit more features as compared to the normal share do.

Important Topics Covered Under Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is composed of a number of different topics and concepts that altogether functions and carry out the needful operations in corporate finance. Below mentioned are some of the very important topics: -

  1. Investment Banking –This is yet another very important concept of corporate finance and has been used significantly in the generation of capital.
  2. DuPont Analysis – It is considered to be one of the most fundamental concepts of corporate finance. It is a method of performance analysis that basically functions by the representation in the form of the mathematical format. It was given by DuPont.
  3. Financial Planning Model –When a future financial plan is created for the betterment of the future of the company, it is often called the financial planning model and is a very critical element for the company.
  4. Accounting Rate of Return – It basically involves a mathematical formulation for the purpose of reducing the rate of return.
  5. Calculation of the Bond Prices – The financial contracts between the issuer and the buyer are generally termed as the bond. Calculation of the bond prices, play important role in capital finance.

Problems Faced by Students

Corporate financing is a compulsory discipline in a lot of universities and colleges. And a very basic reason behind it is that it serves various roles in capital finance. Different students have different understanding levels and due to which different students find it difficult to understand the concept of corporate finance and complete the various corporate finance project topics. Problems faced by students can be varying degrees and hence, a lot of students rely on online corporate finance assignment help. There are a number of online help providing websites that help the students in getting various types of corporate finance assignment help but NeedAssignmentHelp is considered to be the most prestigious and paramount online help provider.

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