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The science of chemistry deals with the study of the properties, functions, transformations, structure and composition of the change of matter. Chemistry includes a number of reactions and experiments on the basis of which inferences are made and declared. Chemistry is a very vast discipline which includes a number of different sub-disciplines which are described in the following section. The science of chemistry is known as the central science as it connects other natural sciences like biology, physics and geology and many more. Chemistry is an interesting subject and hence, it interests a lot of students which are often given chemistry homework and chemistry assignment topics and therefore, they look for chemistry assignment help online on various online chemistry homework websites. NeedAssignmentHelp provides quality help with chemistry homework; it is the solution to all the problems of the students related to science and chemistry. Chemistry is the discipline which requires more of knowledge and less cramming up of topics and this is exactly how the experts of NeedAssignmentHelp work. The subject experts of NeedAssignmentHelp know all about chemistry and they use this information about chemistry in delivering chemistry homework answers to the students.

Different branches of chemistry


Chemistry is a very vast discipline which is subdivided into a number of different disciplines, though the three main branches of chemistry are the physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The experts of the NeedAssignmentHelp have all the information about chemistry and hence, they provide with every kind of help with chemistry homework to the students. NeedAssignmentHelp is known to provide the best chemistry assignment help online.

The following section of this excerpt will enlighten you about the three broad branches of chemistry in brief: -

Chemistry in engineering


Chemistry is an extremely vast discipline which is known to be the central science that serves as the link for all the other branches of sciences. Hence, chemistry is used in a number of other courses. Chemistry in engineering is extremely important as engineering requires the applied sciences. The more information about chemistry a student has the more beneficial it gets for him. Engineering basically deals with building new structures and formations of innovative technologies and chemistry is the branch of sciences with the formation of new substances with the help of chemical transformations and chemical changes. Everything that an engineer builds is basically composed of chemicals or chemical compounds. Very often different chemical compounds react differently with different substances and hence, it results in various outcomes. This is the reason why an engineer should have proper knowledge of every chemical compound and substances so that he is quite careful before using any chemical compound. It has been reported that chemicals react undesirably and cause unnecessary chaos to the hard work done by the engineers on site. Some of the examples of failures resulted from improper or no information about chemistry are the falling down of bridges, machines grinding to a halt, refineries getting exploded, Nuclear plants leaking radiations, plastics degrading and getting crumbled up. All this is just a small description of the blunders that take place in engineering profession due to lack of knowledge of chemistry. Hence, chemistry is an extremely important subject that should be taught to the students studying engineering in order to avoid such kinds of blunders.

Chemistry in technology

Chemistry has been known to help in technologies of every field and area and hence, a number of industries and companies hire chemical technicians for this purpose. Each day chemists come up with new and innovative products with the help of their chemical reactions and chemical findings which help in advancement of various technologies. Technological advancements driven by chemistry lead to innovation and also help in creation in more number of jobs. We have witnessed technological advancement with the help of chemistry in various fields like the fuels, cars, aerospace, etc. Chemical technicians and chemists are hence, in a lot of demands these days. Therefore, chemistry is important for the purpose of innovation in the field of technology.

Development in chemistry

In the recent years, chemistry has developed to a great extent. Initially, chemistry has been known to have its roots in alchemy and it is believed that chemistry has evolved from the science of alchemy. Hence, chemistry is known to be the most primitive discipline of sciences as compared to the other disciplines. Chemistry came into the picture back in the age when metallurgy emerged and ever since then, it has only developed and advanced. Today, we see a lot of research in chemistry which has led to the development in chemistry. Chemistry has a lot of scope for research and development and leads to the advancement in a lot of technologies. A lot of fields including medicine have close relations with the developments as well as the researches in chemistry.


M in chemistry


M in chemistry stands for molar concentration of the substances. M is the unit which is used for molar concentration, which is basically the measure of the amount of a particular solute in a given solution. A simpler term used for molar concentration in chemistry is the molar, which basically means moles per litre of a given compound. The most appropriate definition of molar concentration would be the amount of solute per u nit volume of a solution. You can say that I molar = 1mole/litre. m in chemistry is basically the molality of the solutions. Molality basically describes the molal concentration of the solution. The molality is best defined as the amount of the substance of the solute per unit mass of the solvent in Kg. The S.I unit of the molal concentration is moles per kilogram of the solution. Both molality and molarity are extremely important units in chemistry.

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Introduction to organic chemistry homework


As explained above organic chemistry is the science dealing with the study of organic materials and products i.e. compounds possessing carbon in elemental state. The science of organic chemistry is extremely vast and very interesting too. This discipline of chemistry possesses a very large number of chemical compounds. The group in chemistry possessing the elements studied under organic chemistry is the Group 1 and group 2 of the periodic table. Organic chemistry basically deals with the study of the structure, functions, properties and the reactions of the organic matter. The chemicals that are studied in organic chemistry are basically the hydrocarbons and apart from them various other compounds containing carbon as the central atom and having other elements like oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus etc. The importance of organic chemistry can be judged by the fact that the organic compounds are known to be the basis of the life on earth.

The organic materials either form the basis or are important constituents of most of the commercially useful substances and compounds on the earth. Some examples of commercially useful organic products or the products made up of some organic substances are the pharmaceuticals, plastics, polymer, fuels, and explosives etc. The study of the organic chemistry is known to overlap the organometallic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry and many other mechanical disciplines of chemistry. Organic compounds are divided into two basic types of compounds; aliphatic and the aromatic compounds. The aliphatic compounds of the organic chemistry basically deals with the straight chain carbon compounds whereas the aromatic compounds deals with the spreading aroma as well as the ring forms of the chemical compounds. Both aliphatic and aromatic compounds differ in some of the major properties and may be used in different formats in different purposes. Organic chemistry is an extremely interesting branch of chemistry and hence a lot of students take up organic chemistry in their colleges and universities. Hence, all the students are given with organic chemistry homework and hence, they look for organic chemistry homework answers and this is where NeedAssignmentHelp provides the appropriate help with chemistry homework to the students.

Problems faced by students in chemistry


 Apart from being extremely important and interesting, chemistry is extremely difficult to understand and study too. Doing homework and assignments requires a lot of research in chemistry. Most students fail in managing enough time to do both study and complete chemistry homework. There are a lot of topics of chemistry which are extremely difficult to understand and even difficult to demonstrate in the form of assignments. In such situations, students often look for chemistry assignment help online from various chemistry homework websites. Assignments in chemistry need in depth citation of the theories and laws which is done perfectly by the experts of NeedAssignmentHelp. Chemistry is quite branch of science and NeedAssignmentHelp provides assignment help in every branch of chemistry. Hence, NeedAssignmentHelp solves all the problems faced by students.

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How NeedAssignmentHelp provides help to the students


NeedAssignmentHelp has all the necessary features and functions responsible for providing the best kind of assistance with the assignments and homework related to the chemistry. We have a team of well experienced professionals, which have a PhD or a master’s degree in chemistry and are well skilled in providing the students with the best kind of assistance. Our experts go through a series of tests in which they are examined to be suitable for the post of the subject matter expert of chemistry. And once, they are selected, they join the team of chemistry subject experts. We, at NeedAssignmentHelp, are very meticulous with the assignment and the homework quality that we deliver to the students. The subject matter experts of our team work diligently and do research in chemistry before attempting your chemistry assignments. Once the experts are done with your assignments and homeworks, they are checked for plagiarism through the internal tool Turnitin and only after that the assignments are delivered to the students.

We, at NeedAssignmentHelp, we provide with the best quality help with chemistry homework.