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Marketing is the need of the hour. Nowadays, Every industry takes the help of marketing. Hence, it is a favorite among students when it comes to pursuing higher education. It is a challenging and dynamic profession. Thus, the students learning its new ropes have to gruel a lot. But to ease their preparation, they search for Marketing Assignment Help online to get help from the experts. Marketing is about promoting and branding a product or service to increase sales. The ever-changing demands of consumers and technology upgradation make it difficult for students to remain up to date. Our Marketing management assignment help service is of great use to scholars. These are some points taken into consideration about our services for the students -

  • NeedAssignmentHelp has professional writers who take care of minute details while working on an assignment. 
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  • Marketing has various sub-divisions, like consumer marketing, business marketing, industrial marketing, business communication, etc. Thus, it is challenging for students to gather information on all the divisions and complete their assignments on time. Here our experts come to their rescue.
  • Marketing Assignment Help

What are the Four Ps of Marketing?

There are four Ps in marketing also known as the marketing mix. To define marketing mix, it is an absolute amalgamation of several elements that contribute to the development of market products and services and also these are the elements that aim to promote the unique selling points of a particular brand, product, or service and distinguish those products from its opponents or competitors. They are the element of the marketing mix that also enhances its components. The four Ps of marketing is product, price, promotion, and place. These are the four main elements that any company requires to work on the most in order to be successful.

  1. Product - The first P out of the four stands for the product. The products are of two types, tangible goods, and intangible services. Everything that a company sells becomes its products or services which contribute to fulfilling the needs of the customers. A product or service usually is offered to meet consumer demand but sometimes a product creates its demand after coming into the market through a wise promotion. The products require to be so alluring that the customers should believe that they need them.
  2. Price - The second P out of the four stands for the cost. The cost of any product stands for the amount that the consumers or customers pay for their every purchase of any good or service. According to business strategies, companies may increase or decrease the original price of the market products and services. 
  3. Promotion - The third P out of the four stands for promotion. Promotion is the process of bringing a particular product or a service into the knowledge and concentration of the consumers. There can be many ways in which the promotion can take place like an advertisement, campaigns, special offers, public relations, sales promotions, etc. The most effective and productive ways are advertisement through print and electronic media because they are the most convenient mediums of communicating with the common people.
  4. Place - The fourth P out of the four stands for the place. Place in marketing refers to the route through which goods are delivered or catered to the final user that is the consumers. The places are distributors, intermediaries, retailers, and wholesalers.
    Students pursuing marketing as a subject often get confused about differentiating and keeping in mind the four Ps of marketing. They can visit NeedAssignmentHelp and get their most complex and complicated assignments and homework done by us. Our team of professional marketing writers is always there to provide them with the most useful marketing homework help and marketing assignment help.
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What is a marketing plan?

Making strategies for marketing a product or service is included in marketing plans. To grow in the market businesses use different methods to stay ahead of their competitors. They pre-decide their target audience and approach them with creative ideas to gain their attention. Deciding the prices, packaging, and potential markets of their products is part of marketing plans.

Types of Marketing assignments provided by our experts

Traditional Marketing - 

Reaching the audience offline is called traditional marketing. Using billboards, print media, radio, or television as a mode of promotion for a product or service is called traditional marketing.

Outbound Marketing - 

When a company initiates a campaign where they talk about the product or service to a non-target audience, using various modes like direct mail, push messages, or cold calls covers the topic of outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing - 

Related to the process where companies solve the issues of existing customers or contact those consumers who have shown interest in their products by clicking on some link or enquiring about their services. Increasing the loyalty base of the company is the motto of this topic.

Digital Marketing - 

As the whole world is connected digitally, using all digital modes of communication is a viable option. It includes social media, email marketing, and multimedia messages. Digital marketing includes all these options and more.

Search Engine Marketing - 

Includes paid advertising through various search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. When a user searches using a keyword, paid adverts always appear at the top.

Personalized Marketing - 

Using varied research methods, targeting the customers according to their needs with a personal touch is a form of marketing. This type of marketing leads to fast conversion and is highly successful as customers get information about the service they are already interested in.

Brand Marketing - 

Establishing a name or a logo that is famous among consumers is considered a brand in the market. Building a substantial image in the market.

Stealth Marketing - 

It is a way of marketing where companies don’t approach the consumer directly. They subtly place the product without telling the public that it is dealt with or advertised. For example, in movies, sometimes a character is shown using a particular brand, or an influencer makes a video using a specific video without telling anyone that it’s advertised.

Relationship marketing - 

Managing the customer relationship and providing them with sales satisfaction is the key here. Its motive is to retain the existing customer base rather than acquire new ones.

B2B Marketing - 

A strategy where products and services, are marketed by one business to another is B2B marketing. Some examples are producers selling their products to wholesalers and companies providing solutions to other businesses.

B2C Marketing - 

Companies providing products or services based on consumer needs use business-to-customer marketing strategies. Consumer goods manufacturers use this marketing the most. They don’t sell their products to any other businesses.

Content marketing - 

The creation of content with the sole purpose of marketing is included in this type of marketing. Nowadays, content has enclosed us. Whether in social media, TV, or print media, a buyer consumes tons of content regularly.

Email marketing - 

Emails are proven a more official mode of communication. Professionals mostly use emails to communicate officially. While in marketing, sending email is a method where a marketer can send the complete detail of their product or service with enclosed files. It is a preferred mode in B2B marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing - 

This is one of the oldest forms of marketing, where a seller trades its product to a customer, and that customer uses the product and tells others about the quality of the particular product or service. It is based on the quality of the product, and the behavior of the seller. That is how that business gains word-of-mouth marketing.

These are some types of marketing communication about which our experts make assignments.

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