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The marketing definition refers to the movement of a good or service from the producer to the customer. It is mainly the process of buying and selling various goods and services. The process of marketing includes the delivery, advertisement, and selling of various products. The marketing departments of various companies make strategies on how to draw the attention of a particular audience through various alluring advertisements, slogans, tag lines, packaging designs, social media advertisements, and many more. To brief the marketing definition, it is actually a strategy by which companies aim to build a relationship with their customers and promote an invention. Marketing is the key factor of attracting, influencing, and convincing a large number of people with a particular brand, product, or new service.  Marketing as a subject is very complicated as well as interesting at the same time. Studying marketing requires a competitive, persuasive and creative mind. It is a field of study and work that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The marketing introduces the students to the collection of data and analysis through a detailed study. The data collection and analysis serve to be the difficult most aspect and hence, the students fail in achieving their desired grades. In such cases, they can rely on NeedAssignmentHelp and get the best marketing assignment help from us. Our writers are professional marketing assignment help providers hence, we assure them of great quality marketing assignment help and marketing homework help.

Marketing Assignment Help

What are the Four Ps of Marketing?

There are four Ps in marketing also known as the marketing mix. To define marketing mix, it is an absolute amalgamation of several elements that contribute to the development of market products and services and also these are the elements that aim to promote the unique selling points of a particular brand, product, or service and distinguish those products from its opponents or competitors. They are the element of the marketing mix that also enhances its components. The four Ps of marketing are product, price, promotion, and place. These are the four main elements that any company requires to work on the most in order to be successful.

  1. Product - The first P out of the four stands for the product. The products are of two types, a tangible good, and an intangible service. Everything that a company sells becomes its products or services which contribute to fulfilling the needs of the customers. A product or service usually is offered to meet the consumer demand but sometimes a product creates its demand after coming into the market through a wise promotion. The products require to be so alluring that the customers should believe that they need them.
  2. Price - The second P out of the four stands for the cost. The cost of any product stands for the amount that the consumers or customers pay for their every purchase of any good or service. According to business strategies, companies may increase or decrease the original price of the market products and services. 
  3. Promotion - The third P out of the four stands for promotion. Promotion is the process of bringing a particular product or a service into the knowledge and concentration of the consumers. There can be many ways in which the promotion can take place like an advertisement, campaigns, special offers, public relations, sales promotions, etc. The most effective and productive ways among all are the advertisement through print and the electronic media because they are the most convenient mediums of communicating with the common people.
  4. Place - The fourth P out of the four stands for the place. Place in marketing refers to the route through which goods are delivered or catered to the final user that is the consumers. The places are distributors, intermediaries, retailers, and wholesalers.
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What is Planning in Marketing?

Marketing is the business document that outlines the marketing plan ideas, marketing implementation plans, and strategies. The true judgment of selecting an interesting and potential marketplace in order to ascertain how a business can compete with them is market planning. What is the purpose of planning in marketing? For knowing about the marketing plan, marketing implementation plan, or understanding it for better, one must take it as a road map that guides them with reaching their goals that is their business ambitions or objectives. The marketing plan leads a company to achieve the goal set at the beginning of producing or coining an idea into a product or service. The marketing plan is the crucial aspect of a business that can lead a company towards success irrespective of its scale.

Two Main Benefits of Market Planning

Brand Building

Brand building is not just about promoting, communicating, endorsing, or letting people know about the brand which is a product or service. Although, promotion is one of the aspects of brand building it is actually a method of creating value for the consumers. Brand-building considers everything that their consumers experience, and feel about the business.

Creating Alignment

Market planning also helps in creating an alignment by building a bridge between the marketing and sales of goods and services and the vision of an organization. Every organization sets a mission and vision at the strategic level. Those visions and missions are translated to the external and internal stakeholders. This entire process is known as alignment.

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What is the Need for Service Marketing?

To know about service marketing and its need, it is important to understand the concept of service marketing. Service marketing is the process of marketing services as opposed to other tangible products or goods. Services are those which are by nature intangible, they are to be used just after and with their production, they cannot be stocked or stored and neither can be reused. Once given or used, services cannot be replicated again not even by the same producer. Professional marketing of services is an important element that lets more people know and be informed about it. For example, a fitness club or gym can use marketing in order to motivate people to stop eating junk food, start exercising, etc. a healthcare industry can promote the importance of going for monthly health check-ups, blood tests, etc.

What are the 7Ps of Service Marketing?

There are seven Ps in service marketing. The development of service marketing depends mostly on its seven Ps and they are-

  1. Product - When there are products under services, they are often termed intangible. The service products cannot be calculated or measured as tangible products like mobiles, televisions, soaps, beds, etc. The best example of a service product is the health-care industry, education industry, etc.
  2. Pricing - The prices of the services often differ from the products or goods. For example- if you are shopping in a mall or eating in a restaurant, you are not only paying for the products and food that you are consuming but also pay for the air-conditioned, clean, heavily-equipped building as well.
  3. Place - Place refers to the location where products or services are to be served. For example- the best place for setting up a restaurant is next to a movie theatre.
  4. Promotion - Promotion is the process of promoting any product or service through various ways like advertisements, campaigns, and many more.
  5. People - People in service marketing is one of the main characteristics of the development of service marketing. People in any company providing a service or product define the company and its services. Because the service that we are getting is not different from the people providing it. 
  6. Process - The process in service marketing defines the method or technique by which a service or service product is offered to customers or consumers.
  7. Physical Evidence - Physical evidence is the elements that are visually evident. The incorporation of tangible elements in intangible services is physical evidence. Example- A shopping mall offering not only goods and products but a nice seating area or lounge, a small hideout for the children, escalating stairs, and many more. The development of service marketing depends majorly on these aspects.

Why Study Marketing?

Students studying marketing are given the choice of which field of marketing they want to set focus on. Depending on their choice of subjects the study modules differ. The study of marketing lets the students understand various crucial jobs such as analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the competitors, threats from the competitors, etc. Through the study of marketing, students get to learn so much about consumer behavior as well. Making strategies to make a particular brand, product, or service successful is also a very fruitful and effective side of studying marketing. 

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