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We can define mass communication in general terms as the means by which you can communicate with a large number of people at the same time and can exchange information. It is basically a communication system at a large scale and is known to save a lot of time. As a subject, mass communication is the field that includes the study of the way through which people exchange information on a large scale using the mass media. Mass communication generally relates to the world through newspapers, magazines, books, radios, televisions, and sometimes the internet as well. Mass communication is entirely different from that of organizational communication as well as interpersonal communication as both of them focus on the single source transmission of information. Most of the students these days take up mass communication and media as the main subject in their university and colleges and most of them pursue it at a higher level too and hence they find some or the other kind of difficulty in doing assignments on mass communication. Very often students look for mass communication assignment help or mass communication homework help. If you too are looking for some help with mass communication assignments then NeedAssignmentHelp is the ultimate solution for you. It provides the most authentic mass communication assignment help and that too without any plagiarism.

Type of Mass Communication

There are a number of different kinds of mass communication as it is an extremely vast field. As discussed earlier mass communication, in particular, is the process by which a message or some information is transmitted over a large scale. Mass communication and media are the newly emerging fields having an extremely vast scope for students. Below mentioned are the main means of mass communication:

  • Journalism - It is an extensively used type of mass communication.
  • Public Relations - This particular type of mass communication involves the transmission of information through the PR professionals within an organization or between some common people. This kind of mass communication is mainly utilized by business professionals, NGOs, popular personalities, and government departments.
  • Advertising - Out of all kinds of mass communication, this particular type is the most extensively used. It includes promotions of different products, services, and institutions with the help of different mediums. The main purpose of advertising is to attract a number of consumers to a product.
  • Broadcasting - This type of mass communication is either audio, video, or both are transmitted to a larger audience. This can be achieved with the help of radio, television, or films. When studying broadcasting under mass communication, students are taught the way by which they can create appropriate content for the purpose of broadcasting.

Use of Mass Communication and Media

The ever so expanding field of mass communication and media together has numerous uses and are known to affect the lives of individuals in daily life. The information on mass communication plays an extremely vital role in shaping the social structure. One extremely important use of mass communication is that it is known to provide a lot of information on a larger scale and hence, it saves up a lot of time. Through the means of mass communication, you can share information at the same time, and that too with an extremely large population. Mass media plays a phenomenal role in spreading awareness among individuals. It is because of mass communication that some socially important issues are taken care of on a larger scale.   

A very essential function that mass media communications perform is of providing a means of entertainment to a large population of individuals. Lifestyle and entertainment magazines, radio and television shows, and sometimes even internet posts on social media lead to an extremely entertaining lifestyle of different individuals. Mass communication and media are also sometimes used for the purpose of making public announcements and in order to provide a personal opinion of different matters. 

Advertising as Mass Communication

Advertising is a type of mass communication that is used quite extensively in comparison to other kinds. It is used for the purpose of promoting or selling a particular product or service to customers. Advertising is the process that converts a seeker into a customer and is one of the most important kinds of mass communication. Advertising as a whole is yet another very vast discipline, incorporating in itself a lot of key features. Advertising can be trifurcated into three main disciplines namely, national advertising, advertising through direct responses, and trade advertising. Most of the students studying mass communication and media take up advertising as a career and in order to become an advertising expert, a proper understanding of advertising concepts is essential.

Role of Advertising

Advertising is an essential type of mass communication and is actually a combination of both mass communication as well as marketing. Advertisement plays a lot of roles; the two main broad categories of the roles are social and economic. An advertisement is extremely important for supporting mass communication media. Another extremely important role played by the advertisements is the discouragement of the monopoly in the market and more encouragement of the competition. It is because of the advertisement that there is such competition between various products and services. This particular type of mass communication generally helps in the proper distribution of costs. Advertising has effects on the social lives of people in both positive as well as negative respect.

Mass Communication Curriculum

The information of mass communication is spread along with the students of mass communication with the help of a properly maintained curriculum. The curriculum should be maintained in such a way that it includes almost everything about mass communication. Different universities follow different study patterns and hence, they all have their own specific curriculum for mass communication and media. A constant format of teaching that is followed everywhere irrespective of the university is the basic journalism ethics, social media management, media ethics, magazine reporting, and the skills for report writing, skills of brand management, photographic journalism, copyright and the visualization, the investigative journalism, leadership communication, and audience analysis. These mentioned skills are taught to mass media communications students everywhere. Most of the students get confused in this hefty curriculum and look for mass communication assignment help.

What is Theory in Mass Communication?

In recent years, a lot of researches have been taking place on mass communication and media. Most of the researchers have proposed a number of theories that are thought to govern the study of mass communication and media, these theories make it easy for the students to understand the very vast and vivid concept of mass communication. Most of the students find it difficult in studying mass communication and often search the internet with questions like “what is a theory in mass communication”. Different kinds of theories of mass communication have been deduced by the communication researchers and some of them are described below in brief.

  1. Cultivation Theory – This theory of mass media communications was given by Gerbner and McLuhan. This theory talks about the effects of watching television on different people. This theory revolves around the hypothesis that the more television is watched by an individual, the more likely it is for him to believe that the real world is more like the way it is shown on television.
  2. Agenda Setting Theory – This particular theory revolves around the idea that the media outlets tell the public “not what to think, but what to think about”. It hypothesizes that the media have all the rights and the powers to influence the disclosure of the public.

These are some of the well-known theories of mass communication, although the vast discipline of mass communication and media possesses a number of different types of theories.

Problems Faced by Students in Mass Communication

Mass communication is an extremely vast discipline and hence, it sometimes becomes difficult for the students to understand, learn and perform at the same time. Most of the students find it really difficult to manage time for both studies as well as completing assignments. The media of mass communication focuses more on the performance and the practices of mass media communications rather than on the theory and hence, the students are required to pay more attention to the practical part of mass communication. Most of the students often look for someone to help them with their assignments. NeedAssignmentHelp is the ultimate online helping website that provides the students with the best kind of mass communication assignment help.

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