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The academic branch of study which deals with social well-being, social problems as well as social relationships are generally termed as the social sciences. This particular academic field is of immense importance to society and has a number of other sub-disciplines which are mentioned later on this page. The subject is taught from an early grade to the students, while some students do find it interesting enough to pursue as a career. This is a reason why a number of students today opt for social sciences as their main subject in higher education. But, in the era where the students are overburdened with academic chores, students often face difficulties in doing their social studies assignments. Hence, they look out for online social studies homework help from various online help-providing websites. NeedAssignmentHelp is highly specialized in providing the students with the finest quality of social science assignment help.

Social Science Assignment Help

What is Social Science?

Although, we have given an overview of the academic subject of the social sciences this section will provide you with detailed insight into the field of social sciences. In the most basic terms, the study of society and how society works is generally the social sciences. It observes and studies the mannerism adopted by people all around the world. There are a number of glitches and abnormalities within the society that needs a deep understanding, using which the various social activists are able to work upon the glitches. Also, a number of social evil take place in society every day, which needs to be monitored and changed. Proper knowledge of social studies provides the citizens with knowledge of a number of vital policies; it does carry information that is vital for certain governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Hence, the academic discipline of social sciences is a vital one that helps in making a number of changes within society.

Branches of Social Science

Social science is an extremely vast subject that has a number of branches and sub-disciplines and NeedAssignmentHelp provides social science assignment help in each of the disciplines. Some of the commonly studied and important branches of social science are mentioned below: -

  1. History – The field of social science which studies the importance and the impactful events that took place earlier in the time is generally called history. There are professionals and scholars that are known to write about history and they are called historians.
  2. Geography – It is an important branch of social science that studies landscapes, people, places, longitudes, latitudes, etc. The discipline basically studies the Earth, the organisms residing over Earth, and all the complexities associated with it.
  3. Political Science - It is a sub-discipline of the social sciences that generally deals with the understanding of politics in different fields of study. This particular field relates largely to other fields of social studies such as economics, history, sociology, etc.
  4. Sociology - The branch of social studies which describes society, social behavior, and various types of social evils with respect to the development of society.

NeedAssignmentHelp provides social studies homework help in all the above-mentioned branches.


Another extremely important discipline of social sciences is economics, as it deals with all the monetary issues of the country. This particular field of social sciences basically deals with the study of the analysis as well as a description of the production, consumption, and distribution of various goods and services. The branch of economics focuses on the working of the economic agents and is further sub-divided into micro and macroeconomics. All the basic elements of the economy are analyzed under the branch of microeconomics. It basically possesses the economic agents, their markets, interactions, and the basic working of the interactions. While on the other hand the entire economics is dealt with within the branch of macroeconomics. It includes all the basic and important topics of economics like inflation, recession, economic growth, etc. NeedAssignmentHelp provides high-quality social studies assignment help in this discipline as well.


Anthropology is a field of social sciences that provides the study of humans with respect to the present and past. It can be divided into further sub-disciplines such as social anthropology and cultural anthropology which deal with the social and the cultural aspects of society. It depicts and studies various values and norms that relate to the well-being of society. Another sub-discipline of anthropology is linguistic anthropology which deals with the effects of languages in social life. The study of the biological development of humans comes under the category of biological anthropology. The entire work done by anthropologists constitutes the experiences of humans in various respects. The particular field of social sciences studies the various human civilizations within the past and verifies their presence as well. NeedAssignmentHelp provides Social studies homework help in the field of anthropology as well.

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The branch of social sciences which deals with the study of different types of materials is called archaeology. A proper archaeological repository consists of artifacts, Biofacts, cultural landscapes, and various types of architectures. This particular field serves as the link between the social sciences and humanities as it consists of topics that are important to both disciplines. The branch of archaeology is treated as a sub-discipline of anthropology in various countries but is considered to be a discipline in itself in various countries. The field of study for archaeologists is pre-historic and historic. It is a bit cumbersome discipline to pursue as it consists of surveying and analysis of various data and the material collected from historic times. Archaeology is one of the important fields of social sciences and this is why the social studies homework help from NeedAssignmentHelp covers this discipline.

Social Sciences as a Career

As mentioned above, the branch of social sciences possesses a number of sub-disciplines and sub-branches. Hence, it opens up numerous avenues for the students to pursue a career. You can become a social activist or a social worker if you are interested in serving society with your socially powerful skills. Students have a choice and can opt for any of the numerous sub-disciplines of social sciences. Each of the sub-disciplines has been proved to be a separate discipline in itself and opens up avenues for the students. Branches like archaeology require deep research and hence, it opens up a research avenue for the students who are pursuing archaeology. Other immensely bright fields of social sciences are psychology, sociology, and history. Economics is the branch of social sciences that is highly in demand today and each multi-national company requires an economist for the smooth and proper functioning of the company. So, all in all, the entire branch of social science provides the students with wider avenues of career.

Problems Faced by Students

There are a number of problems faced by students while studying social sciences. Some of the commonly faced problems by students are mentioned below: -

  • Due to the course structure in the 21st century, it becomes quite difficult for the students to manage proper time for doing and solving the social sciences assignments, and hence, they require social sciences assignment help.
  • Another common problem is a lack of understanding of the subject or the university guidelines.
  • Most of the students face technical issues and hence, it leads to delay in solving the assignments.
  • Any unforeseen mishap can lead to serious health issues, pertaining to which the students might find it difficult to solve assignments.
  • Sometimes students might lose interest in the topic and may find difficulty in completing the assignments of the particular topic or subject.

Student life is tough enough already. We can make it a little easier.

Why Need Social Science Assignment Help?

There are a number of reasons to choose NeedAssignmentHelp over any other social science assignment help-providing website, and the greatest of them all is the presence of highly efficient subject matter experts for social sciences. The subject matter experts are highly qualified as they possess either a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in a particular subject. Also, in order to maintain the authenticity of the assignment, we do provide you with an absolutely free Turnitin report along with the social studies homework help. Also, the subject matter experts of NeedAssignmentHelp take care of the referencing style that is asked in your university. Our main motive is to reduce the burden from the life of students and hence, we are always happy to help. We have a 24X7 customer assistance facility in order to provide you with all the answers to your queries. These are just a handful of the numerous features of NeedAssignmentHelp.

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