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Biomedical engineering is the field of sciences that make use of the techniques and applications of engineering in the medical and biology field in order to achieve better healthcare purposes. As we all know that biology and engineering are entirely different as well as opposite domains, biomedical engineering is a domain which comprises of both. Biomedical engineering applications include very advanced health care treatments such as diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. Though it is still a developing discipline, a lot of new information on biomedical engineering and biomedical engineering research has been coming up in recent years. The most prominent application of biomedical engineering includes the biomedical prostheses, certain clinical equipment, micro-implants, imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs. The most commonly used therapeutic drugs, therapeutic biological and the regenerative forms of the tissue growth are all the examples of biomedical engineering applications.

What do you Learn in Biomedical Engineering?

Not every person in the world has proper and complete information on biomedical engineering and hence, most of the people ask questions such as “what do you learn in biomedical engineering? “. The most common thing that biomedical engineering teaches is making use of technology and engineering in order to benefit the healthcare and medical facilities. Biomedical engineering is an extremely vast discipline which teaches a lot to the students. The biomedical engineering future is extremely bright and it provides a number of new concepts to learn to the students who are pursuing biomedical engineering. The study of biomedical engineering teaches you about various technologies like the bioinformatics, biomechanics, biomedical optics and much more. Biomedical engineering is interconnected to various other disciplines of engineering such as tissue engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, genetic engineering, and neural engineering. Nanotechnology is yet another discipline which works in close relations with biomedical engineering.

Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnology

Biomedical engineering and nanotechnology are known to have very close relations and have benefited the technological as well as medical industries together. Together they can transform the most basic form of science into highly advanced techniques, processes, and devices. They have been known to work quite extensively with each other and have been known to benefit almost all areas of engineering together. Nanotechnologists, having even the most basic information on biomedical engineering can lead to life-changing transformations by combining them both. Nanotechnologies have been proven essential for both medicine as well for engineering and this is the reason why it has found its position in the biomedical engineering applications. Both nanotechnology and biomedical engineering play a very essential role in the currently emerging technologies which lead to better health care facilities and sustainability. The applications of combined nanotechnology and biomedical engineering are extensively diverse. Biomedical engineering and nanotechnology when combined find its applications in the sustainable energy, drug and vaccine delivery, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, biomedical imaging and many more. The fields of biomedical engineering and nanotechnology illustrate the importance of the cross-disciplinary branches of the sciences. With the help of these two fields together, the doctors and the researchers are being able to explore the exact study of the diseases and the medicines in a new way.

Scope of Biomedical Engineering

The scope of biomedical engineering is so everlasting, that future generations cannot be imagined without the presence of biomedical engineering research. When both biology and engineering come together with the scope of research and study increase to a thousandfold. Biomedical engineering has been known to lead to a number of innovations and discoveries already and is supposed to be a discipline providing a very wide scope of research. Most of the students are pursuing this uniquely interesting field of biomedical engineering and are enjoying it with all their heart. Considering the amount of demand for the technologies in the healthcare and medicinal sector, it can be said that the scope of biomedical engineering is extensively vivid and vast.

Biomedical Engineering Applications

Some of the biomedical engineering applications have been already described in the above section of this excerpt. Some of the examples of the extremely innovative biomedical engineering applications can be minimally invasive surgeries and robotic surgeries. The minimally invasive surgeries include making of small incisions in the human body instead of cutting the human body during surgeries, and then inserting tube carrying cameras through the incisions in the body and carrying out surgery through designed surgical instruments. The robotic surgeries involve the use of robots for surgery purposes. Some other biomedical engineering applications include the regenerative tissue growth in the medical area and the non-invasive form of medical devices.

Journal of Biomedical engineering

A journal of biomedical engineering includes all the information on biomedical engineering research that is taking place anywhere in the contemporary world. If you are looking for any kind of information about biomedical engineering then a biomedical engineering journal is something that you need very badly. Different kinds of the journal of biomedical engineering are available these days. The main motive behind these journals is to keep the students, researchers, doctors or anyone who is interested, up to date with information on biomedical engineering. If you feel even a bit interested in biomedical engineering and you wish to know anything about it, you can refer to a biomedical engineering journal in order to get an overview of biomedical engineering. The journals include all the information on biomedical engineering research and all the new discoveries and innovation in the field.

Certain Specialization of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is a vast and extensively used discipline having cross-disciplinary relationships with a lot of disciplines. Scope of biomedical engineering is extremely unending considering the applications of biomedical engineering in various fields. Below mentioned are some of the sub-disciplines that lead to a better and higher level of biomedical engineering research.

  • Bio-Instrumentation - It basically consists of concepts of computer sciences, electronics engineering and the principles of the measurements in order to produce the devices that are used to create further and better diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Biomechanics - The science of biomechanics deal with the application of the concepts of mechanical engineering for the purpose of solving problems in the medical fields.
  • Clinical Engineering - This field of engineering focuses mainly on the applications of the main principles of the medical and the technology in order to benefit the health care facilities and clinical environments.
  • Bio-Materials - This is the field of biomedical engineering which includes the study and the development of the different materials that are used in the biomedical engineering applications. The materials are mainly natural and synthetic.
  • Systemic Physiology - This discipline stresses on the use of the application of different kinds of engineering tools in order to understand the dynamics as well as the behavior of different kinds of living organisms.

Challenges Faced by Students in Doing Biomedical Engineering Assignment

Biomedical engineering is an extremely vast discipline and has a number of different theories to be studied. Although the main part of the biomedical engineering focuses on biomedical engineering research and analysis as compared to the theoretical portion. But most of the students studying biomedical engineering are given with theoretical assignments and homework too. Biomedical engineering is a very tough subject to study and hence, students do not get enough time to study as well as to complete their assignments. Hence, they look for biomedical engineering assignment help and biomedical engineering homework help on the internet. NeedAssignmentHelp is the ultimate solution to all the problems of students and hence, provide the best quality help with biomedical engineering homework.

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