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Assessment Types

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Essay on the Substantive Topic (Victimization in New Zealand)
Total Visit: 4583 Downloads: 4352
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Report to Analyse Evidence Based Government Policies
Total Visit: 2573 Downloads: 1472
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Case Study - Krispy Kreme Donuts or KKD
Total Visit: 1563 Downloads: 1362
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Annotated Bibliography
Total Visit: 7563 Downloads: 6142

Arts and Social Science

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Research Report on Poverty in India
Total Visit: 8453 Downloads: 7432
NAH Sample Icon
Article Comparison
Total Visit: 6563 Downloads: 5432
NAH Sample Icon
Story Comparison
Total Visit: 3563 Downloads: 2132
NAH Sample Icon
Business Society and the Planet
Total Visit: 5563 Downloads: 642
NAH Sample Icon
E-Marketing Strategy of Jet Star Airlines
Total Visit: 2563 Downloads: 3142

Business Management and Economics

NAH Sample Icon
Report on Economics for Managers
Total Visit: 4853 Downloads: 4832
NAH Sample Icon
International Business Environment
Total Visit: 2063 Downloads: 2032
NAH Sample Icon
Business Model and Plan
Total Visit: 1063 Downloads: 1032
NAH Sample Icon
Promotional Ideas and Strategies
Total Visit: 4563 Downloads: 4142
NAH Sample Icon
Small Business Plan
Total Visit: 3563 Downloads: 3142
NAH Sample Icon
Strategic Development Tools
Total Visit: 2563 Downloads: 2142
NAH Sample Icon
The Possibility of Economic Recession in the Market
Total Visit: 5663 Downloads: 1462

Dissertations and Thesis

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A Script Study on 'Whiplash', 'Boyhood' & 'The Departed'
Total Visit: 4553 Downloads: 4532
NAH Sample Icon
Prioritizing project for periodic Maintenance of Road Pavements
Total Visit: 1763 Downloads: 1632
NAH Sample Icon
The Efficiency of Ports and Implementation of Supply Chain
Total Visit: 2363 Downloads: 6432

Information Technology

NAH Sample Icon
Operating System
Total Visit: 4453 Downloads: 4332
NAH Sample Icon
Introduction of Informatics
Total Visit: 156 Downloads: 1332
NAH Sample Icon
Introduction to Database Systems
Total Visit: 563 Downloads: 142
NAH Sample Icon
Model Data Object
Total Visit: 563 Downloads: 532
NAH Sample Icon
The Potential Impact of Virtual Reality on the Aerospace Industry
Total Visit: 3363 Downloads: 2232

Law, Taxation and Finance

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Financial Accounting & Reporting
Total Visit: 1953 Downloads: 1832
NAH Sample Icon
Tax Treatment of Company Car and Optimal Congestion Taxes
Total Visit: 1463 Downloads: 6132
NAH Sample Icon
Critical Analysis of the Financial Decision Making of a New Zealand Organization
Total Visit: 263 Downloads: 432
NAH Sample Icon
Commercial Law
Total Visit: 3363 Downloads: 4432
NAH Sample Icon
Case: “Operation Easygo” Case Investigation.
Total Visit: 5463 Downloads: 3332

Medical Nursing and Health Science

NAH Sample Icon
Discussion on Benner’s Theory of Novice to Expert
Total Visit: 2453 Downloads: 1432
NAH Sample Icon
Health and Community
Total Visit: 1363 Downloads: 1432
NAH Sample Icon
Metabolic Syndrome
Total Visit: 4343 Downloads: 4323
NAH Sample Icon
Nursing Leadership
Total Visit: 2322 Downloads: 3232
NAH Sample Icon
Nursing Management of Mr. Ferguson
Total Visit: 211 Downloads: 223

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