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Essays these days are considered the most important and useful way to find about the knowledge of a student. It is used in many colleges to judge the capabilities of the student. Essay writing can become a very challenging piece of work for students at times when they are in the haste of finishing tasks. Writing an essay requires attention and precise knowledge of its format. There are different types of essays and for writing, knowledge of their respective formats is required.

NeedAssignmentHelp aims to get the students some hours of relief by providing the best online essay writing services. Students have at some point in life wondered if someone could write my essay, NeedAssignmentHelp is exactly what they are looking for. We provide online essay writing services to ease the students from the stress and agitation generated by the workload.

Definition: Academic Essay Writing

How to write a college essay or an academic essay? Academic essays are scholarly pieces of writing that are executed in order to get a conclusion to a certain affair, experience, subject, topic, or issue. An academic essay is written using proper evidence and arguments in support of their statements. Academic essay writing comes under the argumentative form of essays. The authors are committed to present relevant arguments from their opinion concerning the subject in order to move towards a conclusive part. An academic essay aims at convincing the readers of the views, ideas, and opinions of the writer.

A student writing an academic essay often makes the mistake of straying off the main argument. The topics of an academic form of essay are mostly obscure therefore it is much likely for the students to diverge from the actual argument, often refuting their own statements. Visit NeedAssignmentHelp and get help with essays, it provides the best essay help and also specializes in catering to college essay help.

Note: The body of any essay is the most pliable section, where as many paragraphs as required can be added.
Academic Essay Outline Help

The Major Types of Essay

Essays are categorized into several forms. Each form of essay has a different format and set of rules to be followed and choosing the right kind of essay for writing is a task not so easy. Below given are the major types of essays and their explanation-

Narrative Essay Outline Help

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay is the easiest type of essay writing. In this type of essay, the writer has to narrate a story. Not the stories that we read in books, but the stories are often of real-life experiences or incidences. It is the narration of an event through the point of view of the writers, hence their feelings, opinions, and ideas are to be written in order to make it more story type and it also helps in connecting the readers with that piece of work. A story-like narration helps the most in involving the readers with the writing. Narration is the most focused on this type of essay.

Characteristics of Narrative Essay
  • Characters- Since the narrative essay is a kind of story-telling, the characters should also be developed according to the event or incident. A wise choice of the characters plays an important role in drawing the interest of the readers.
  • Literary Techniques- The literary techniques of a narrative essay requires the use of metaphorical words to make it more entertaining and alluring. Also, writing the essay in the first person helps the reader to understand without making much effort.
  • Chronology- This type of essay is written following the chronological order i.e., the events are written according to their occurrence.
  • Lesson- How to write a conclusion for an essay? The lesson or the moral of the story is what written in the last section of the narrative essays. The writer concludes his essay by writing the moral of the incident through his own experience and understanding.

Descriptive Essay

What is and how to write a descriptive essay? As the name suggests, the descriptive essay demands the writer to describe something. The description can be of anything like a person, an object, a place, a situation, emotion and experience, and a lot more. This type of essay lets the writer put his artistic capabilities in that piece of work. The reader through this type of essay can actually see and feel the happenings that all take place in it because of the writing style.

Characteristics of Descriptive Essay
  • This form of essay captures the reader's interest the most. it focuses on the minute details of all the events that are described.
  • It gives a visual idea to the readers through the writing. The readers can almost picturise all what kind of a person, object or topic is being depicted.
  • The use of personal details and personal experience of the writer actually helps the readers to connect to that piece of work.
Descriptive Essay Writing
Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay

Students may wonder how to write an argumentative essay? The argumentative essays are written for convincing or persuading the reader of the writer's point of view. The arguments are formed and written with a wise choice of words by the writer so that even if the reader happens to disagree with the opinions of the reader, he will for once consider re-thinking. The argumentative form of essays can both be tough and easy at the same time. If the writer is familiar with the given topic, he may come up with some great arguments, and if he is not, he cannot convince the reader about his opinions.

Characteristics of Argumentative Essay
  • The topics of Argumentative essays are mostly controversial, so it is supposed to be written using a language that is respectful.
  • The thesis statements work as a glimpse of the entire essay, and for an argumentative essay, they work as presenting the main argument in the beginning.
  • The arguments that are written in this type of essays should be true and should make sense.

Persuasive Essay

What is and how to write a persuasive essay? Persuasive essays as the name suggests are written to persuade or cajole the readers to the writer's viewpoints. The process of persuading the readers through an essay becomes easy when the arguments that are presented are logical. Examples of Persuasive essays are what we often find on the website of a brand. They aim at convincing the visitors that why their product is suitable for us showing its different characteristics. These essays are concluded with a fair judgment of the topic which leaves a positive impact on the mind of the reader about that particular topic.

Characteristics of Persuasive Essay
  • The Persuasive Essays are begun with an exact topic sentence.
  • The language that is used in this type of essay is persuasive and mannerly.
  • Logical arguments are presented so that the reader can think of them as logical.
  • Three topic sentences should be written in the entire essay concluding with a conclusion sentence.
Persuasive Essay Writing

Five Paragraphs Essay

Five paragraph essays are the easiest among all. The format of the five-paragraph essay is even easier. A student developing his compositional skills is most likely to choose the five-paragraph essay. Five paragraph essays are ideal for writing in the cases when either the topic is easy or there is abundant information.

Characteristics of Five Paragraph essay
  • Introduction- The first paragraph should contain the introduction giving a brief description or idea of the essay. It sets an introductory tone of the entire essay. The first paragraph should include a thesis statement as well.
  • Body- The body of the five paragraph essay is written through the three paragraphs of the center. Students often get confused as they have to write the main information that is the body through three paragraphs which often result in repetition of sentences.
  • Conclusion- The last paragraph is conclusory.

Some More Types of Essays

An assignment is a task that is based on the particular topic of the subject given by the teacher or instructor and expected to complete on time by each and every student.

Analysis Essay Writing
Analysis Essay

An analysis essay is usually written for analyzing a piece of literature. And the analysis is done with a careful examination and evaluation of the work.

Comparative Essay Writing
Comparative Essay

As the name suggests, comparative essays are written for comparing and contrasting between two topics, objects, persons, etc.

Scholarship Essay Writing
Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are written for getting opportunities to win a scholarship. Many scholarship programs require students to be efficient with essays.

College Admission Essay Writing
College Admission Essay

College admission essays are written as the demonstration of a student's knowledge of a topic. Get the best college essay help by visiting NeedAssignmentHelp.

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Difficulties that Students Face in Essay Writing

Essay writing skills are the most appreciated in today's competitive world. From schools to universities, essay writing is picked every-where, be it for examinations, assignments, or even for demonstrating the student's knowledge for admission. Since essay writing is of different types comes with a different set of rules and formats for each, many students struggle to differentiate between them and their formats hence end up doing it all wrong. The students are barely left with any time after accomplishing tasks like projects, tests, assignments, and whatnot hence they do not much dwell on improving their essay writing skills. NeedAssignmentHelp can be of great help in cases where the students look for some best essay writing services in order to get help with essay. Students dealing with a great number of undone assignments can visit our assignments and take our help anytime. We can get you a great quality custom essay writing service.

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Learning grammar is a time taking process. A student cannot be apt in grammar overnight. It takes time in order to put the rules of grammar into use. There are many work books which are also available on the internet can be of a great help.

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NAH provides the best essay writing service and custom essay writing service as well to all the students looking for a helping hand in their essay writing. Our team has intellectuals with higher degrees to assist you to achieve good grades. When you are burdened with so many academic tasks like classes, assignments, tests, projects, and the most stressful of all, exams; you do not get much time left for paying attention to improving your essay writing abilities. Whereas essay writing is the most important and necessary aspect also because it is used as a tool by most of the universities today for judging the knowledge of an aspiring student. This is where the NeedAssignmentHelp comes into the picture. We have a huge team of professional writers who are always ready to provide you with fresh and unique content every time you order. We are not new in this domain and have been working for several years. Our writers work according to the concerns of the students. Our priority is to assist the students with the best possible essay writing help that too without burning much of a hole in their pockets. Moreover, we have many sample essay papers available on our website from where you can get instant and best essay help.

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