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E-Learning: New Leap In Modern Education System | Assignment Help

Education was always within the four walls of the classroom or college. Students were made to sit in their classrooms and listen to the lectures delivered by their subject teachers. This traditional education system had no scope for creative learning and practical training. With the advent of computers and the internet brick and mortar, the learning system has undergone a drastic change and the changes are for good. The major change in the educational forte is the emergence of E-learning as the medium of imparting education. So what exactly is this E-learning and why is it gaining popularity and momentum in recent educational setup??

E-learning is nothing but online learning or in a layman’s language gaining knowledge through computers. It is gaining momentum as it has umpteen numbers of benefits. And it offers authentic opportunities for students who otherwise had limited access to education and learning.

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E-learning or outdoor education incorporates the state of art and creative approaches to education and delivers unprecedented access to resources and information. Following points highlight the merits of E-learning:

E-learning is Student-Centric: Online education weaves its entire program keeping earner at the center. All the study materials, notes, and activities are architected keeping in mind the needs and interests of E learner in the mind. The privilege is given to students to control their learning spree & customize it as per their needs or requirements.

Self-Directed and Self-paced: Outdoor education is self-directed in the sense that the learners control the amount of time spent on understanding the particular concept or topic. This is very much different from the traditional learning where the lectures have preset time limit beyond which they cannot be extended. In other words, E-learning allows learners to spend additional time on difficult topics. Such an approach enables the E learners to understand the topics and complete their education faster as compared to the traditional method.

Interactive: E-learning incorporates a variety of multimedia which allures and motivates the students and increases their involvement by reinforcing their learning experience. Such an optimistic approach by the students leads to enhanced retention and a stronger grasp of the topics.

Flexible: The biggest advantage of E-learning is its flexibility as the learning can take place anywhere and at any point in time provided the availability of necessary equipment. Physically challenged students can fully participate in their flexible hours with great ease.

Consistent and Effective Training: Outdoor education renders effective training to all the students as the learners can participate simultaneously and receive the same knowledge thus reducing differentiation that may cause in multiple sessions.

Easy Access to Experts: E-learning allows easy access to experts and professionals from a wide coverage area. Due to this aspect students are availed with information from professional experts.

Geographical barriers are eliminated and students are opened to broader education options.

E-learning is economical as it saves transportation costs and other associated costs.

It is scalable in the sense it is quickly architected and has the capacity to communicate new policies, training, new ideas, and concepts that catapults the intellectual level of the students to a whole new level.

E-learning has emerged as a boon in the education arena and Need Assignment Help has redefined the very significance of online education by enabling the students to get professionalized, out of the box and accurate knowledge at the fingertips.

Posted on January 15, 2015 by NAH
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