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The United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) started a global movement that was directed towards providing education and learning needs of children as well as youth and adults by the year 2015. UNESCO started this movement with a noble mission in mind to provide education for all so that the quality of human life is improved along with achieving the goals of human development. This movement is also synonymous with The United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) Millennium Development Goal that was aimed at providing primary education to children Since we are already in the year 2015 it is time evaluate if this movement was successful or a failed endeavor.

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The number of children that do not get their basic rights to education still remains high as well as the number of school dropouts. Countries like Africa and Asia are far behind in achieving their educational goals in spite of these bitter truths the UNICEF published certain facts claiming that the United Nations has been quite successful in achieving many of these goals and the claimed progress is quite surprising which seems to be quite opposite to reality. The UNICEF stated that the progress with getting all children into school has been very slow. Among the children who get admissions in school 25% drop out of school without even completing the primary years of education. The school dropout rate is found to be the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa followed by Asia. Another interesting fact is that the dropout rate is highest for girls. This movement aimed at eradicating the gender differences and providing equal educational rights to boys and girls. It also focused on the promotion of early childhood education. The EFA movement also focused on addressing underlying causes for the lack of education such as poverty, etc.

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The United Nations failed to fulfill their promises and achieve the set goals by the year 2015. Since it is a global issue the United Nations need to address this problem at a larger scale and with new approaches. A new report is now being formulated on Fixing broken promises which focus primarily on the promotion of education from this year onwards. It is now all set to mend broken promises.

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Posted on April 23, 2015 by NAH
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