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How to Write a Master’s Thesis? | Thesis Writing Help

An essential formal paper which is submitted by a candidate for attainment of professional qualification is referred to as thesis writing help. The size and structure of the thesis may vary as per the nature of academic degree for which it is needed. It contains research and findings of the student along with an argument and conclusion.

Problems faced by students

Due to complicated nature of thesis, students and researchers might face several problems like improper time management, stress causing dependency on alcohol and drugs and deficiency of social life. Improper language and grammatical errors is also common problem faced by candidates resulting which depreciates the quality of final draft.

Structure of a Thesis Paper

Structure of a Thesis Writing Help

Students while constructing their thesis should make sure that the whole matter is divided into following topics:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Appendices

What is Thesis Writing Research?

Some general tips to enhance quality of the thesis:

  • Prepare the ‘introduction’ part of the thesis after completing the whole thesis. This makes sure introduction complements with the conclusion.
  • Avoid use of vague words in your main content. Also, make sure unnecessary information is not included in the final draft.
  • Make sure that the process of writing is done continuously along with the research. This will make sure that all important points related to research are included in the written part.
  • Try to proofread the work on regular basis to control the grammatical and punctuation errors. If possible, take help of an English expert for proofreading.
  • In case of PhD thesis, number of printouts is quite high. So, try to find the most economical printing service. Buying a personal printer can also be an alternative to maintain your finances.
  • Try to attain maximum knowledge in context of your final thesis for the viva preparation. Also, take help of the supervisor in conducting mock viva on regular basis.
  • Prepare a time-table to ensure proper time management. Also, analyze the time spent on completion of each segment.

Writing your Thesis Statement

Tips to avoid grammatical errors in thesis

  • Avoid using long sentences as these can cause the most grammatical errors.
  • Try to use the simple words as jargons can create confusion to the readers.
  • Make sure ‘spell check’ is activated while working on Microsoft Word or other open source writing software.
  • Use third person in your sentences while describing an experiment or an incident.
  • Wherever possible, use bullet point or break large paragraphs to improve readability of the final thesis.

Writing a thesis statement

Thesis statement is considered one of the most crucial parts of the thesis which helps in judging the quality of the whole thesis. It is basically a concise statement which is included in the introduction section of the thesis. Make sure the argument connected to the thesis is made in your thesis statement. Avoid making thesis statement just an opinion statement. Make it as concise as possible with merely one or two sentences.

How to Write a Master's Thesis

Mobile device applications to support thesis writing

Students can utilize benefit of their smart-phones by installing several applications which can assist in completing their thesis. One such app is ‘Writing Thesis’ using which myriad Dissertation / Thesis topics can be explored by the students. These topics are arranged under multiple courses, programs and faculties. Another app is thesis generator which can generate thesis statement using the opinions of the students.

Computer softwares and websites for thesis writing

Some computer softwares to assist in thesis writing help include BibDesk for bibliography management; R software for statistics and graph management and Latex for typesetting. Students can also take support of www.pdftoword.com for converting PDF files to word document. www.whitesmoke.com can help in checking grammatical issues of the paper.

PHD Thesis Writing Service

Coping with stress during PhD thesis writing

Try to include these food items like green tea, milk, oats, dark chocolate, spinach and nuts etc in your diet. These food items help in coping stress caused while completion of the thesis. Also, small sessions of meditation and breathing exercises will definitely ease your mind and help you in enhancing the concentration. These methods along with hard work and dedication by researchers and students will definitely help in attaining the maximum yield of the input which can be a turning point in the career.

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