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Celebrating The International Day of World Indigenous Peoples

“Indigenous”, in the weirdest of dreams one might not think, it might be related to the day of celebration. But, all the odds against your thoughts, it is celebrated by the United Nations. With more than 4000 communities defined with the phrase, “indigenous” is a reason good enough to raise a toast and celebrate. But there is a number of questions you might be considering, do not worry, with this article we will try to clear it out to maximum context.

The International Day of World Indigenous Peoples was exclusively celebrated as a world heritage in the United Nation. You might be thinking of the reason, what leads to this celebration. We are living in an era where we are coming across new products and ideas each and every day. You will tend to find a new concept or product for different needs with every passing day. But this whole new world, diversity takes a back seat and is not confirmed with ease. The obstacles on the road of diversity are big enough to be concern about and it needs to be made a bit smoother.

Resistance from Indigenous People

There are a number of communities all around the world who are working to keep old cultures running. Not only this, but they have also been successful in keeping the number of ancient traditions alive with unique ways and tools. The ancient traditions which have different characteristics related to economic, social, cultural, and political aspects add a lot of value to today’s society and certainly needs to be kept alive.

The International Day of World Indigenous Peoples came into existence with this thought process. To celebrate human diversity in a broader persona, the day of Indigenous People is celebrated with this theme. In the year of 1994, it was stated by the United Nations General Assembly that the theme of Indigenous People will be celebrated on the date of 9th August, each and every year.

Fight for The Rights

Despite the uniqueness of the group of indigenous people and the difference they are making to society and the world, the biggest problem still haunting them is their protection of rights. After a lot of years, the International community has taken some important measures with which they are working on this problem. And it finally happened in the year 2007 when the Declaration was made of the rights of Indigenous Peoples as it was accepted by the United Nation. This act exclusively provided the complete instrument of collective rights to the indigenous community.

With this declaration, the community got the right to reinforce and maintain their cultures, institutions, and traditions as per their convenience. With it, they also go the right to catch the development form which was perfectly suited to their aspirations and requirements. The indigenous community gets complete assurance on their right to health, education, language, and livelihood with The Declaration.

It is always good to keep the old things alive and it asks for a celebration. Hopefully, this 9th August, you will be aware of the reasons why the world celebrates the International Day of World Indigenous People.

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Posted on August 9, 2018 by NAH
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