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Why is Math an Interesting Subject?

A number is interesting. Especially for your brain. Many people find it confusing when they see someone speak out for mathematics. Math has been a horror for many students. Going to school, attending maths class, trying to solve the maths test paper, and praying that you didn’t fail. These are common problems students have had. Yet you can always find people who have loved maths from their school days because they found it interesting.

“What makes maths an interesting subject?”

It has been a constant question that many ask. Those who ask this question have not seen the beauty behind maths.

Maths is beauty, there are reasons behind it. Starting from what you see. Maths is all around you, in what you eat, what you drink and the architecture you see. Everything has been calculated and formulated using maths. That is why you see it as it is. All ingredients and all measures, everything uses a number. These numbers are used in maths. Without maths, nothing makes sense. There would be nothing around us.

Many times math seems uninteresting is because people don’t know it. What people don’t know, they fear.

BUT!    It may not be as tough as you think. The funny thing is, people already use mathematics without knowing. There a plenty of ways people unintentionally use maths:

  • Measuring ingredients for cooking- cooking uses a lot of maths. How much sugar is needed, if there are eight people coming for dinner, how much additional sugar is going to be needed?
  • Paying someone- if you pay a shopkeeper, you calculate how much money you’ll be getting back. That too is maths.
  • How many days till the next episode- subtraction, and a fun subtraction at that.

See? That is the amount of maths used and this is just a bit of the many ways we use maths with passing to it the credit. Maths is universally common. People in every country use maths and all its branches. So, wherever you go, you will find people using it. There is no escape.

Why not understand it? Why run or avoid it? You may find yourself falling in love with it. Give it a try, look around you, measure something, solve a sum, count something and there are so many more ways you can start knowing maths. Maths is interesting, it’s just numbers to play with. So, go and play!

Posted on November 26, 2016 by NAH
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