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Microlearning – Meaning, Benefits and Clogs

What is Micro-Learning?

‘Micro’ is a Greek word which means small, micro-learning can be apprehended as the source of furnishing the e-learning in small portions and bits that can be grasped in a short span of time as compared to the traditional type of learning material which is termed as macro-learning. The concept of micro-learning is to deal with proportionately bitty units of learning and activities related to learning that are short-term. The phrase accredits the micro-outlook in the relation of learning and training. Time and again this word is used in the realm of E-learning and other allied sectors with an aim to initiate a fresh emblematic context related to the progression of E-learning.

Micro-learning comprises practicing and learning in tiny steps. The micro-learning based activities generally consist of short lessons and coursework. These course works and lessons are prepared in a specific manner that furnishes the students with chunks of information and knowledge. It can be apprehended well with an example like it is better to teach a student with smaller lessons and units so that he or she can grasp the information well rather than burdening them with heavy course work and lessons. The micro-learning lessons and exercises are generally utilized well when a student requires the information and when they are highly responsive to the received information. 


Examples of Micro-Learning Exercise

  • Watching a short video about a recipe or how to fix disabled phones or numerous things that can be sorted out by watching a tiny video.
  • Graphics and diagrams that comprises an instruction to a certain process.
  • Illustrations to interpret and apprehend complex concepts.
  • Storytelling using analogies that connects with the user instantly.
  • Posts are about the distribution of any information or process.

Benefits of Micro-Learning

Effective Utilization of Time

  • Micro-learning initiates effective utilization of time. With micro-learning, there is no necessity to quest in heaps of information as micro-learning makes it swift and easy. Complex processes and programs that need repetition in order to be understood well can be attained easily with the help of a micro-learning approach. There is an immense contingency and opportunity to incarnate the programs and procedures in micro-learning. One can access the pint-sized learning aura with micro-learning.

It is Simpler to Memorize

  • Micro-learning consists of creative and entertaining ways of learning which makes it easy to be remembered. The sources like videos and infographics help the user to apprehend the information to the optimum level. Users are quick to reciprocate to these sources and that is why they interpret the information to the fullest in micro-learning.

Accessible at any Moment

  • It will not be wrong to say that this is the greatest advantage of micro-learning to the users and learners, these chunks of information are just-in-time and are always feasible at anywhere, anytime. It is highly beneficial for the learners as they need not skim through vast books of instruction.

Avert the Risk of Staggering Learners

  • Learners can manage their tempo and pace according to their specific requirements. Micro-learning enables a learner to flex in between the ongoing information and discussion. As micro-learning furnishes tiny units of information and mode of learning the users can easily avoid the fortuity of immense information.

Variety of Sources

  • Micro-learning can be elevated in numerous ways such as emails, ted talks, multimedia, short blogs, mini videos, brief sessions of chat all these sources serve as the effective e-learning material that supports the students to enhance their knowledge through small steps in order to accomplish their targets related to learning and education.

Disadvantages of Micro-Learning

  • In micro-learning it is extremely problematic to cover all the important subjects in one go. This difficulty is because of the brief property of micro-learning. It initiates the usage of small lessons and videos to interpret a piece of information to the learner or user. This learning approach is not useful for deep and broad topics that require thorough analysis.
  • Micro-learning is still considered as part of informal learning. It becomes difficult to carry on with complex topics and concepts by providing only bits of information and knowledge to the ultimate learner.
  • Micro-learning is not suitable for the long-term goal of learning.  It only allows the learner to pick up bits of information which sometimes prove to be insufficient for the learner eventually.
  • Micro-learning is considered as fragmented as it allows only small portions of information to the user which is not complete.

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