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Patience Can Bring You a Lot of Good Things You May Never Have Known

Ever heard your parents or grandparents tell you to wait or to be patient? Have you questioned their idealism about it? Did they say that patience brings about good things? Have you tried it?

It works. Patience is a virtue. This saying is wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Believe me when I say that if you have patience you will get what you desire. I have tried it, being patient. I will go on to say that it’s not one of the easiest habits to learn and develop in yourself but this is one of those habits that will slowly but surely help you climb mountains, complete your tasks, and achieve things you never thought you could.

Inspiring Quotes on Patience

So it’s time to ask yourself what is patience? Is it just sitting in your bed waiting for things to magically appear in front of you? Is it taking one step and waiting for the finish line to come closer? Or is it making little effort and expecting the goal to be achieved?

My answer will be NO. Your answer will be the same as mine, except for a few people. Nevertheless simply put, patience is a lot more than just waiting. Even though waiting is a part of patience. Patience is a lot more than that. So, let me break patience down for you.

Have You Seen Powerpuff Girls?

If not then you won’t get the reference but you’ll understand the key points. Patience as a whole is a mixture of various elements. Only when you put these elements into practice will you get your goal and learn what patience is. Patience is made up of so many parts.

Actually patience is not that big, just two or three things make it up. Got you stressed right? Patience is divided into two parts:

  • You need to put in the first step to what you want to achieve. Whatever your goal is, you need to start working towards it. Like if you want to be a basketball player you need to buy a basketball and go to a court. That’s your first step to achieving patience and your goal of becoming a basketball player.
  • Next is you are supposed to continue your first step every day. Not buying a ball every day but take your ball every day and go to the basketball court and practice. This is your second step and the only step. You need to keep repeating it every day until you reach your goal of becoming a basketball player.

patience is a virtue quotes

So, Patience is the part that comes in between. The part between the first step and reaching your goal. Patience has to do with you working every day even though you have not reached your goal yet but you keep working towards it until you reach it. This part may take a day, maybe two, or may even take years. But you’ve got to keep pushing forward. That is patience. This patience will make you win no matter the time or the condition. Keep on it and you have learned what patience is and how to be patient. You become the sage with the right to teach with authority.

I hope this has helped you understand the depth of patience. What it is and how you can use it. Now go and achieve your dreams. But do comment, share, and follow.

Posted on November 22, 2016 by NAH
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