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What is The True Story of Santa Claus?

Gifts are the purest form of acknowledgment, and when the gifts are received in the form of a surprise, it transforms into sheer ecstasy. Receiving a gift from a loved one is a part that almost every individual enjoys and adores. But, what happens when you receive a gift from a seemingly unknown individual, who is thought to be a superficial character by most of the people around you? Well! Let me tell you. When this happens, it is Christmas and the person bestowing the gift is none other than the man in the red suit; the Santa Claus. The childhood of every individual is full of the Santa Claus story, letter writing to Santa, the Christmas socks, and the gifts. We’ve all cherished the gifts from Santa Claus in our childhood but, was there a real Santa Claus ever? We shall find that out slowly and steadily as this blog will unfold further.

Santa Claus Gift Bags

We have all heard the story of Santa Claus, in which the red-suited father Christmas goes around giving gifts to the most docile and well-behaved children. The gift is thought to be given in the form of an acknowledgment for their good behavior. But, now gone are those days and slowly, as we grew up the Santa and his much-awaited gifts vanished away. The same happens with every child, but there is a question that seems to be; what is the true story of Santa Claus which has kept millions of people in anticipation. The question gets modified each time but in never answered correctly, the set of questions mainly include what is Santa clause real name, what is the true meaning of Santa Claus, was there ever a real Santa, and was there a real Santa Claus, etc. Answers to all these questions are there in the further sections of this blog.

 True History of Santa Claus

History of Santa Claus

There is a lot of hassle in different parts of the world regarding the real story of Santa Claus and as Christmas is just around the corner, the hassle has now enhanced. According to a popular belief, the man behind the notorious Santa Claus story is actually a saint, imitating who came out the much talked about Santa Claus’s story. The Santa Claus or Father Claus was a saint and his ideal name was Saint Nicholas who was known for his noble deeds and died on 6th of December 345 which is observed every year as the St. Nicholas feast day in few countries. It is because of the St. Nicholas that we see the red-suited Santa Claus around the festival of Christmas.

 The True Story of St. Nicholas

Real St Nicholas Story

As mentioned above, Saint Nicholas is the real Santa Claus and he is the real person behind the stories being told about the Christmas gifts. The true story of St. Nicholas transpired back in the 14th century. According to the story, Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in Turkey which was back then called Myra which was situated in Asia Minor. Nicholas was actually an extremely rich person, his parents died while he was very young and left their fortune to him. Nicholas was a very kind person and was known for his generosity. He was compassionate enough to help every needy person around him.

Christmas Stockings and Christmas Chimney

The most famous Santa Claus story is that of the Santa Claus going down the chimney and leaving gifts and candies in the Christmas stockings in the initials of the chimney. According to the story, once there lived a man who was financially poor and had three daughters. His daughters were old enough to get married but he had no money to spend on any of his daughter’s wedding and for the dowry. Due to this reason, he could not get his daughters married.

Santa Claus Going Down Chimney

Nicholas knew about the same and hence, one night he went to the man’s roof secretly and dropped down a bag full of gold coins through the chimney in the house. The bag of gold coins accidentally fell inside the stockings that were kept at the end of the chimney. The next day in the morning when the man found out the gold, he felt extremely happy. The man got his daughter married with the gold coins. Nicholas knew that the man had two more daughters to be married and he did the same for two consecutive times.

It was the last time that the man came to know about Nicholas as he saw him during the night dropping down the gold coins. Nicholas asked him to not tell anyone about him but soon the news got viral and everybody came to know about Nicholas. Later a number of other instances were observed which eventually gave Nicholas different names. Kris Kringle, Santakleers, etc. eventually lead to the modern-day Santa Claus or Father Claus. Therefore, this was the true story about Santa Claus.

Christmas Chimney Decoration

The answer to the question that what is the true story of Santa Claus is all evident from the above-mentioned excerpt of the blog. Well! There are a number of opinions and an unending debate over the same. The truth behind Santa Claus according to our knowledge and research is mentioned above and rest is still a mystery.

Posted on December 19, 2017 by NAH
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