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What is World Population Day and Why it is Celebrated?

The World Population day is on the 11th of July. As the name suggests, this day concerns the issues regarding population and was originated to spread awareness about its rapid escalation. It is celebrated all over the world. The World Population Day history dates back to the 11th of July 1989 when the governing council of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) came up with this idea of influencing and educating a large number of people at a time. The global population touched five billion around 1989 it was then that the concept of World Population Day was conceived. It is commemorated in order to spread awareness among the people about the population that escalates every year. This day plays a great role in bringing the issue of the growing population into the concern of the people.  China and India are the two most populated countries in the world.

What is World Population Day

Why Do We Need World Population Day?

There are many issues that the world goes through today, one of which is the growing population. This is an issue that affects so many factors including the natural resources for the sustenance of all the living beings. It is obvious that the growth in population increases the demand for resources.

Let’s look at some of the negative impacts of the growing population-

  • Lack of Water Supply – One of the main negative environmental impacts that the overpopulation has led to is the deficiency in the supply of adequate and clean water. There are many parts of the world that goes through the crisis of clean water due to which the people are compelled to use contaminated water which contributes to the escalation of epidemic diseases. Rivers are mostly used for irrigation as a result of which they dry up before reaching the people.
  • Deforestation – A large number of forests are cleared for industrial, agricultural, and urban use every year. When there is a rapid growth in the population, the demand for crops and wood would also increase resulting in a massive clearing of forests. Then there is the need for space as well, people require an area for accommodating themselves. More people, more houses, buildings, stores, vehicles, etc.
  • Unhygienic Surroundings – Over-population leads to the possibility of an extremely dirty environment both in rural and urban sections of a country. The rural areas cannot sustain such a huge population hence the people often migrate to cities in search of jobs, the labor classes cannot afford to rent accommodation so either they begin staying on the roadsides or create slums where they stay on extremely unhygienic conditions that are potent of giving birth to epidemic diseases.  
  • Unemployment – When there is over-population in a country, people will face unemployment as there are limited requirements of candidates for jobs. Now, this issue of unemployment gives rise to so many crimes. To meet the basic requirements of their family, people will indulge in activities like theft, loot, burglary, kidnapping, etc.
  • Deficiency in The Natural Resources – There is a limitation to the number of resources that the earth can produce. The food and water supplies are falling short due to the rapid growth of the population. Moreover, people are cutting down trees and clearing up fields for the construction of buildings.  People who can access sufficient food and water are over-using them; farmers are not given their recognition and acknowledgment etc.

So, these are some of the harmful impacts of over-population on the environment and society.

Natural Resources

Why and How The World Population Day is Celebrated?

  • World Population Day is celebrated to provide information about the escalating world population and spread awareness about the negative impacts and consequences of the growing population through many campaigns.
  • It aims at educating people about the importance of marrying at the right age when they are responsible enough to plan a family.
  • It lets people know about the disadvantages of gender stereotypes.
  • There are campaigns in villages and cities that educate them on the importance of population control.
  • It aims at convincing people about the equal rights of education for both male and female children.
  • There are campaigns in schools as well which educate the children about the importance of conserving resources.
  • There are debates, discussions, workshops, conferences, rallies, educational seminars, and many more activities held on World Population Day in different countries.

The purpose and the awareness that the world population day serves is to be followed by all the people of the world. Since the problem of over-population gives rise to so many other issues, we can consider it among the most hazardous affairs that the world faces today. We being the inhabitants of the earth should take responsibility to maintain a healthy balance of population which is not only beneficial to society but to ourselves as well.

World Population Day 2017 Theme

Posted on July 11, 2017 by NAH
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