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The Computing Theory is a branch of computer science that deals with various algorithms and mathematical models. It is a theoretical framework that deals with the functions of machine computing and provides insight into the system software. The computation theory delivers knowledge on the complex terminologies used in practical techniques. The main motive of computing theory is to develop logical models to understand the work of computer software and hardware. Computing theory also means designing efficient and compiling algorithms for computing devices.

The computing theory is also known as Automation theory. Computing theory provides defined input and output data to imply in software development. The programmers created this theory to simplify the logical understanding of the pattern configuration of computer devices. It is a collective combination of mathematics and computer science theories to obtain solutions for complex computing models.


Computing Theory Branches

There are three main Branches of Computing Theory. They are mentioned below:

  • Turing Machines: It is useful for modeling infinite memory in real computers. It is the most developed unit of automation theory. 
  • Context-Free Grammars: It is useful in programming languages and language research work. 
  • Finite Automata: It is useful in systems with limited memory. Programmers can perform simple computing work in this branch. It is considered the inferior branch of computing theory. 


Theoretical Approaches in Computing Theory

There are three different theories to approach the domain of computing theory:

  • Computability Theory
  • Automata Theory
  • Computational Complexity Theory
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