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Business Communication Assignment Help

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Business communication course enlightens students with the skill to communicate effectively and to become presentable. This subject makes students capable of dealing with different situations. Universities deliver assignments, case studies, and exercises, etc, that increase the stress of students to another level. To get the best business communication assignment help, students seek assistance from online tutors and writers. NeedAssignmentHelp is the best assignment service provider among all the available online websites.

Our writers have years of experience in business writing and they are well aware of the format provided at the university level. Sometimes, students lack business communication assignment ideas in order to make their assignment exclusive. Therefore, they look for unique and plagiarism-free business communication assignments. NAH provides incredible business communication assignment help with 0% plagiarism and 100% accuracy to college-going students.

Business Communication Assignment Help

Business Communication

Communication is the essence of management. It has to be effective in business. Business communication means the flow of information. In today’s time, organizations are large in size that involves multiple people. These organizations follow levels of hierarchy, the greater the number of levels, the more difficult it becomes to manage the organization. Business communication is the process of sharing information among employees within or outside the company. It is regulated by rules and regulations to make business communication more effective.

Prof. J Haste stated that when communication occurs between more than two business companies or people for effective organization and administration then it is considered as business communication. Effective business communication is goal-oriented and it is essential for the growth and development of every organization.

Types of Business Communication

There are four main types of communication that every business follows:

  1. Internal (Upward) Communication - This type of communication flows in the upward direction from subordinate to higher positions or managers. Leaders get a true understanding of the company’s operations through surveys, feedback, forms, and reports.
  2. Internal (Downward) Communication - This is totally the opposite of upward communication. This flows from superiors to employees or subordinates. This can be in the form of formal letters, mail, verbal directive, or memo regarding new company operations for example new rules or safety requirements.
  3. Horizontal/Lateral Communication - This can be of two kind’s verbal or written communication that happens among or within employees in the organization. Horizontal communication is required to seek mutual cooperation and mutual understanding. This is crucial for achieving the desired results. There are many ways to communicate like chat, messaging, employee communication software solutions.
  4. External Communication - This type of communication is less regular and happens with external parties such as business partners, customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulatory bodies, etc. This communication increases the goodwill of the company by achieving its goal and customer satisfaction.

7 Pillars of Business Communication

The 7 principles of business communication make communication effective and efficient that improves efficiency, productivity and reduce repetition in business. Below is the list of seven pillars of business communication that every company should follow:

  1. Clarity - The message, method, and medium should be clear to the receiver by the sender. It is the first most important rule of business communication.
  2. Conciseness - Short sentences and short words can really help readers to understand the message quickly that can improve the decision-making process.
  3. Objectivity - There is always a purpose behind business communication. Therefore, the message should be written in a way that fulfills the objective of the message.
  4. Consistency - Business communication should have a consistent voice, content, and tone.
  5. Completeness - The message should be self-sufficient, clear, and include a logical conclusion.
  6. Relevancy - Everything that is written should be contextually related and relevant to the message.
  7. Audience Knowledge - Before communicating it is very important to know the audience type and their level of knowledge, as it will help to influence the tone and quality of the message.
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Business Communication Skills

Business communication is an art and method of persuasion through oral or written language. It is one’s ability to deal effectively with clients, supervisors, and colleagues in a professional manner. Business communication skills are needed in every organization to communicate effectively. Listening, writing, speaking, or reading skills are the basic essential skills for effective communication. Business communication skills are the manners to provide a practical structure to deal with each other in the workplace. It is highly important for all the leaders in the company to be aware of the subordinate’s emotional state and be attentive to non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication refers to facial expressions, body language, voice quality, and knowing the space boundaries. Business communication skills are the number one quality that every employer wants, bosses especially need to master great listening skills. If the boss wants to be appreciated or valued by the employees then he/she has to listen to the concerns and try to understand the problems. If superiors manage to be good listeners, the employees will easily open up to them and can share the issues. So, the most important skill is listening skills for effective business communication.

Topics Covered Under Business Communication

Students pursuing this course have to cover several topics under this subject. The topics that are involved under business communication such as:

  • Branches of Business Communication.
  • Linguistics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Semiotics
  • Modes of Communication
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Two-Step Flow of Communication
  • Theory of Planned Behavior
  • Communication Industries and Vocations
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Supervisory & Management Skills
  • Technical & Business Writing
  • Business Analysis, Design & Agility
  • Social Media for Business

These are some topics that focus on improving student’s business communication skills. Many institutions offer this course as a method of professional development for senior management and executives. Students should learn these business communication topics to inherit the skill of conveying messages.

Problems Faced by Students

In today’s time, college students lack the professional communication skills that employers value the most. It is important for students to learn this, which helps them to complete job applications, job interviews, and further for postgraduate careers. This is a 3.5-week course that helped students to gain an understanding of professional communication in today’s workplace. There are increasing concerns that despite the high cost of college education, students are not able to write effectively. This lack of writing skills in the current graduate workforce leads them to complexity and confusion. On the other hand, universities burden students with business communication assignments 1, which are designed to practice writing-related purposes of business documents like to inform, instruct, and persuade. Students are evaluated on the elements of their ability to respond to business communication assignment questions and answers. Therefore, these students look for online business communication assignment help that can provide them with good grades within the time limit.

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