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Business Finance Assignment Help

Business Finance Assignment with Proper Citations!!

Business finance is more about money management. This subject is generally chosen by those students who have an interest in accounting and budgeting. Lack of thorough knowledge about assets and liabilities with risk urges students to seek business finance assignment help online. The business finance assignment sample familiarizes students with varied concepts of debt management, investing strategies, and accounting methodologies. This course helps students to become more competitive in the real corporate world.

There are students who have a keen interest in money investment and capital budgeting. Thus, they focus more on the practical knowledge of the business than theoretical. These students work as an intern in the companies but lack good grades in their assignments. Therefore, NeedAssignmentHelp comes into the picture to provide superlative business finance assignment help to college-going students. Our professional writers are authentic, work with 100% accuracy with proper citation.

Business Finance Assignment Help

Define Business Finance

Finance is regarding debt, credit, assets, liabilities, and the flow of money. Business Finance is a study of the creation and management of money investment. This field focuses on three basic areas like why, how, and where. Business finance investigates the reason why the company needs money, manages finance from different sources, and finally invests that money for higher returns.

In earlier times, the field of finance was narrow so the core of business finance was more focused on the banking system. Companies had to rely on banks for financial help. The theories of inflation, rate of interest, and mint coins came after almost 2500 years.

Types of Business Finance

There are multiple types of business finances and yet they are similar in nature. There are short, medium, and long-term finance. Business finance plays a major role in company funding. Businesses often fail due to a lack of financial knowledge hence, it is necessary to be aware of multiple types of business finance:

  • Equity Finance
  • Debt Finance
  • Lease Finance
  • Borrowed Capital
  • Angel Investor
  • Personal Equity Placement
  • Capital Raise
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Govt. Business Loan
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending

The process of selecting the right source of finance involves an in-depth analysis of each and every source of funds. Business finance helps in choosing the right source and the right mix of finance. There are many elements on the basis of which sources of finance are classified.

Why do We need Business Finance?

Now, we are aware of the sources from which the company fulfills the requirement of funds. But we also need to know why do we need external, internal, short-term, or long-term finance help?

Let’s take a look at the importance of business finance:

  1. Cover equipment or inventory cost - Most of the time, startups seek external financial help to cover their equipment/inventory cost and also to pay employee wages.
  2. Help with business growth - Well-settled businesses also need finance to make growth in their business. That can help them to invest more in their marketing and meet new customer demands.
  3. Inject cash flow - Business is all about uncertainty and a game of risk. Hence, keeping the extra money/funds can help to meet any uncertain requirement. Consistent cash flow helps the company to take the risk and maintain not only survivability but also profitability.
  4. Best for reinvesting - Funds are never enough for the company. The more you have the more demands increase. Reinvesting is the best way to make more money. Reinvesting can be done on tangible as well as current assets.
  5. Better lending agreements - Swapping out existing lending agreements for new agreements with more favorable terms.

Effectively managing business finances is the key to success for any business. The real challenge is how to invest the money and where to allocate it to drive the business forward. This can only be done through experts who know where to inject cash obtained from finance agreements.

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Short-Term Business Finance

Short-term business finance is also known as working capital financing which refers to the funds required for a small period of time. It is mainly for less than one year and involved with financial planning. Short-term business financial operations control activities of the firm. These operations include financial ratio analysis, profit planning, financial forecasting, and budgeting. The main sources of short term business financing are:

  • Trade credit
  • Commercial bank loans
  • Commercial paper
  • Secured loans
  • Invoice discounting
  • Factoring
  • Business line of credit

Short-term financing is needed because of the uneven cash flow in the business. It is used to finance all types of inventory, accounts receivables, etc. Each type of short-term financing has its own characteristics. The other one is called long-term financing which is extended to 4-5 years and they are used for big finance requirements.

Topics in Business Finance

Every decision taken by the company has financial implications. Business people need to have a basic understanding of finance and that’s what this course is all about. This course is designed in such a way that helps students to understand the role of finance in business. This course includes the essential topics of business finance that are:

So, the subjects that are included in this course are:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Capital Structure
  • Cost of Capital
  • Financial Statements and Statement Analysis
  • Capital Structure
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Financial Planning
  • Dividend Policy
  • Capital Market Theory
  • Determinants of Interest Theory
  • Bonds
  • Stock Valuation

At the end of the course, the students should be able to examine the concepts of financial management and the financial market. Analyze the relationship between risk and return, internal rate of return, and profitability index.

Problems Faced by Students

Business financing isn’t as easy as taking a loan from a bank and submitting it to the business account of the company. In this course, students have to learn about the various sources for credit-raising arrangements. Understanding the best credit source for the business and investing it in the right place with the proper market study. The student has to invest a lot of time to understand the concepts of business finance. But apparently, they are not able to find that much time because of their prior commitments. Hence, they look for business finance assignment help through online sources. The involvement in various fields makes students busy and tired, leading them to incompletion of finance homework. NeedAssignmentHelp is a one-stop solution for all kinds of student homework help. We also provide top-notch quality corporate finance homework help for a better understanding of taxation, financing, and dividend principles.

Student life is tough enough already. We can make it a little easier.

Why Need Business Finance Assignment Help?

Business finance assignment is all about applying theoretical knowledge to the real world. Our business finance assignment help provides students to have a clear perspective of financing. To provide the best quality assignment, students need to adopt different strategies to pull some grade points in their business finance assignment. Along with business finance assignment guidance, we provide plagiarism-free business finance questions and answers pdf to students who look for business finance homework help. NeedAssignmentHelp is the best assignment help provider. Our specialized writers have experience in both the corporate and the writing world. They have helped millions of students with the best grades of their life. Our services are available 24*7 and anybody can email us ([email protected]) even at the critical hour of the project submission. Students from all over the world trust us because of our authenticity and error-free assignments. If you are interested in getting the world’s top assignment facility, just mail us and we are ready to serve you with the prime business finance assignment help with the free Turnitin report. So, avail the best discounts on your first booking and help your friends too, by sharing about our services.

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